February 27, 2024

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Good Omens “The Arrival”

Series Two, Episode One

Man, if this show doesn’t come back due to lack of viewership, I think I wanna blame Amazon Prime Video.  I watched the entire first season,  Shouldn’t they be asking me if I want to continue with the second one instead of making me actually have to go looking for it?  I mean, come on!

Now, my understanding is that there were plans to a sequel novel.  Neil Gaiman has been pretty upfront about that, saying he and his friend and co-author Terry Pratchett, had some ideas, so I suppose this series/season of Good Omens matches up to that story.  I mean, Gaiman has a co-writer credit on all six episodes.  But here’s a question:  when you’ve foiled the apocalypse, what’s left?

I’m gonna guess another universe ending event, particularly since the episode opens with Aziraphale and Crowley’s first meeting.  Crowley has just set up a nebula with a minor assist from passing angel Aziraphale, only to learn from Aziraphale that the universe is all for the entertainment of the human race, and there’s a plan to end everything in about 6,000 years.  Crowley wants to take something to a non-existent suggestion box, something he is sure actually exists.

Then cut to the present where the two are basically still themselves and somewhat independent agents.  Aziraphale is just shrugging off when the record shop owner owes him rent while Crowley is trying to give advice to foreign spies about how to feed ducks.  There’s the usual issues between Heaven and Hell, with Hell sure something big happened in Heaven and Heaven wondering how an empty matchbox just appeared somewhere when physical objects don’t really do that, like, ever.

Oh, and the archangel Gabirel is wandering naked with a nearly empty box down the street to Aziraphale’s book shop, and while I suspect that wasn’t really John Hamm’s ass, I suspect my ex-wife’s mother wouldn’t have minded that in the slightest.  Gabriel appears to be completely human now, but he has no memories of, well, anything.  Like, at all.  What’s with the box?  Why is he here?  How will Aziraphale explain anything to anyone, particularly Crowley when the demon shows up to, well…not help, exactly.

By the by, I just love the way Michael Sheen and David Tennant own their roles in this series.  Sheen’s hesitancy matches well with Tennant’s oiliness.

Anyway, the two realize other worldly forces will come looking for Gabriel, who was told his name is “Jim,” so they opt to use a miracle to hide his presence.  It works…too well, since Heaven detected there’s a miracle over the shop.


How will the world nearly end this time?  Only time will tell.  Or five more episodes.  Whichever comes first.