February 27, 2024

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Comic Review: Something Is Killing The Children Vol 4

Erica Slaughter wasn't born a monster hunter.

Oh hey, that neat series where somewhat imaginary creatures kill the only people who can see them!  Don’t show this one to parents.  But I got back to it!

Anyway, I did read Volume Four.

After three volumes that showed Erica Slaughter on the hunt, breaking rules by telling people what she did, and basically trying to minimize the number of people who would get hurt with questionable results.  She’s clearly not too pleased with her superiors, and she won’t take what sounds like it amounts to some sort of leadership/desk job.  Why?  Well, this next arc may explain why as Volume Four basically explains how she got to the House of Slaughter, starting with when a monster hunter arrived at her childhood home, too late to save parents and best friend, but in time to save her and take her back to learn how to hunt monsters, much like the powerful one that was contained in the toy octopus young Erica had.

Essentially, this is the arc that provides backstory for Erica while explaining how exactly the House of Slaughter works.  These are people with a history of rites and ceremonies to bring down the monsters of the world.  Erica’s savior is a hardened hunter, a woman who, well, does things on her own and seems to want to ignore the rules in the name of empathy and practicality.  That sure does sound familiar.

Beyond that, there’s also the concept here that’s central to a lot of series like this one:  the idea that Erica is special, one with a destiny to do something big.  That may come from the simple fact that Erica is basically a survivor.  Even from the young age of 12, she’s just tougher than she looks, someone who can handle things that make experienced hunters pause.  She’s someone who should be dead many times over.  And yet…

I am looking forward to finding out more.

9.5 out of 10 spectral octopi.