February 27, 2024

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The Afterparty “Isabel”

Season Two, Episode Nine

OK, I’ve been looking forward to this one.  Most of the cast of this show are comedic actors if not outright comedians.  But this is the episode focusing on Elizabeth Perkins, and while she can be quite funny (and has been on the show so far), she’s not primarily a comedic actor in my mind.  She’s also been around for decades, and seeing her as acidic mother-in-law from Hell seems to be a part she could play well with some casually cruel looks and withering delivery.

But then Martin Mull showed up as the sheriff, and I wasn’t expecting that.

Alright, before I go too far, I’ll just say that I did not see what the exact genre parody was this time around.  It was damn funny whatever it was, but it wasn’t exactly clear.  Based, however, on the tone, hair, make-up, and costuming changes that the characters went through suggested a 1940s style melodrama with psychological thriller mixed in.  I am sure there are movies like that out there, but for the life of me, I can’t really think of any.  Suffice to say, the story’s purpose is to make Isabel out to be more of a victim of her son’s machinations than anything else.  Many of the things she did were because Edgar was gaslighting her to, she says, get her put away so he could get his hands on her money.

She’s also the sort of person who will tell a group of near-strangers that she loves and supports her (adopted) daughter Hannah, something that is news to Hannah, but which Isabel says for some reason that she would never be able to tell her daughter privately one on one because, when asked, Isabel doesn’t see how she could possibly be that open and honest without an audience.

However, her story does make Edgar out to be more sinister than earlier episodes of the season.  Edgar in the beginning of the season seemed more eccentric or weird, but after Sebastian and Isabel have weighed in, the two that arguably know him best, he’s a lot more Machiavellian and tricky.  Here, he’s trying to make his mother think she’s going insane, even if that means she ends up doing a rather serious delivery to the lyrics of the song “MMmbop.”  As it is, Isabel thinks she accidentally poisoned her son when she switched a slice of wedding cake she was given for his, meaning she knows Grace is innocent.

That is until Aniq and Danners basically point out that the time line is wrong, so Grace may be arrested anyway when Sheriff Martin Mull walks in.

The next episode is the last one for the season and the series.  Edgar is still something of a conundrum, unlike the season one victim Xavier, but the true killer is still something of a mystery.  One more story should clear things up…probably.  But who was the real Edgar?  Did he accidentally murder himself?  Is the lizard the real killer?  I’m mostly just sure Grace isn’t going to prison at this point, but I will probably find out soon enough.