February 27, 2024

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The X-Files “Three Words”

Mulder doesn't trust Doggett. Maybe he should.

Well, it finally happened:  Mulder met Doggett.

It’s not off to a good start.

The Case:  Something With The Census?

The Rest:  So, with the contract dispute temporarily resolved, Fox Mulder can come back to The X-Files, but he can’t come back to the X-Files because Kersh wants Doggett there for reasons.

Um, Mulder was declared dead.  There was a funeral and everything.  Why even let him back into the FBI at all?  I get the feeling I thought this over more than the show’s writers did.

Anyway, a census worker gets gunned down on the White House lawn while trying to pass a disk to the president, and that all sets things up for Absalom to escape from prison and take Doggett hostage, all in a scheme to break into the census building in an action that ends with Absalom dead and Doggett with a big scar across his face.  Now, I’ve been watching the show.  I know Doggett isn’t a bad guy.  He might be ignorant and even for this world naive, but he didn’t ask for Mulder to be removed from the X-Files.  Quite the opposite in fact.  He took the position mostly so someone will and Kersh won’t close it.  The bigger problem here is, well, Mulder seems to think Doggett is in on things and somehow deliberately got Absalom killed.

I get that Mulder is paranoid.  But Doggett isn’t actively trying to undermine the guy and even seems to understand that Mulder doesn’t know him and uses Scully as a go-between at one point.  But Doggett has been working with Scully, Skinner, and even the Lone Gunmen.  Scully advocates for Doggett as a straight-arrow sort of guy.  Isn’t that good enough for Mulder to at least not assume the worst about the guy who, by the end of the episode, realizes that whatever information he was given was there to set Mulder up to die, and his old buddy Knowle Rohrer…wait, is that real name?  Like, is there anyone out there named “Knowle”?  It doesn’t look like an English name (if you catch my drift).  Anyway, he’s setting all kinds of people up, and while Skinner isn’t down on Doggett having secret contacts, something that no one ever questioned Mulder about, Doggett himself realizes Knowle is no good, and nobody seems to realize he’s an alien replacement.

Man, this show is really missing the Syndicate right about now.

I don’t know if Mulder and Doggett will learn to get along, but it’s not off to a good start, at least on Mulder’s end.  Then again, Mulder always has been a bit of an asshole.  And having these two guys do their thing seems to mostly be there to sideline Scully, and that stinks.

Up next, contagious evil.