February 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #82 (March, 1970)

Spider-Man tries to make some money with a talk show appearance. It does not go well since Electro is working at the station.

Well, the Kangaroo got away last time.  That’s too bad.  But this issue brings back Electro, and the theme for the issue seems to be no one in this issue learns anything.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #82, March 1970

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artist:  John Romita Sr

The Plot:  Spider-Man’s TV debut is ruined by Electro.  How typical.

Commentary:  Man, so many decisions made here to revert characters to their old looks.  MJ grew her hair out again, and Harry shaved off his pathetic facial hair.  But those may be the only decisions made that don’t seem silly.

Peter is worried about money again, and once again, lashes out at Flash Thompson (back for a visit again) like a grade schooler, something even he recognizes, but he needs money to help pay the rent even though Norman Osborn has been covering that since the day Peter moved in.  He then decides to go on TV and do an interview for a late night talk show.  Comically, he has to wash his costume in a laundromat while wearing a paper bag on his head because someone might recognize him.

OK, let’s dissect this a bit:  Peter could swing way across town to some neighborhood where he doesn’t know anybody and wash his costume without too much trouble.  He also seems to have forgotten that he can’t cash checks as Spider-Man.

But it turns out Max “Electro” Dillon is also working at the station as part of his parole, and when he uses his powers to stop an electrical issue, he still doesn’t see how he could make a good, honest living as a electrician and not have to go back to jail.  He’s not very bright.

Neither is J Jonah Jameson.  I’ve seen this guy offer various bad guys money to “destroy” Spider-Man, but usually he doesn’t know the bad guy is a bad guy.  This time he makes the deal with a guy Jameson knows full well is a costumed criminal.  Why Robbie Robertson and Captain Stacy keep humoring this maniac, I have no idea.

Anyway, Electro attacks Spider-Man on the talk show set, so no interview and no money for Peter.  He should probably get paid something up front…

Grade:  A