February 27, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 8”

Season Two Finale

OK, so…what happened here?

Now, I write this knowing Netflix has already renewed this show for a third season.  But honestly, the way this episode ends, it would have actually made for something of a good finale had they cut a few bits out here and there.  Essentially, Arisu and Usagi go off to play the last game with the Queen of Hearts, a woman they knew from the Beach as someone named Mira.  Most of the named characters appear to be bleeding to death from the previous episode, and Usagi ain’t doing so well herself.  All Mira’s game requires is for Arisu to play three rounds of croquet.  That’s it.

But Arisu wants answers, and Mira offers various answers, but then she’d laugh and say that wasn’t it.  It was aliens!  The super-rich!  Aliens working with the super-rich!  All kinds of maybe believable explanations for where everyone was and why they were there and who created the games.  Are any of these reasons the explanation for what happened?  Beats me.  All I know is the episode has the usual batspit insane stuff going on, but then it goes a little too crazy.

See, Mira starts suggesting that Arisu is hallucinating the whole thing.  He’s really in a mental hospital, and nothing is real, not even Usagi who keeps trying to tell Arisu to snap out of it.

Snap out of what?

I mean, did I miss something?  Why is Arisu having this realistic vision?  Was he drugged?  Is he losing blood?  Why is that happening?  I mean, all Mira is doing is trying to get Arisu to forfeit the game.  That would hold everyone still alive in the game until their visas expire, and then they all die.  The plot makes sense, but the visions thing didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and why Arisu believed it at some points but not at others, I don’t know.

Anyway, he wins, and the survivors can all choose to stay or go.  It looks like everyone chooses to go, and Arisu is back in the pilot episode with his two friends, and a lot of the characters from the show who died seem to be alive and well, though no one remembers the games.  But then a meteor hits the city and kills the people who died while the ones who didn’t seem to be alive and well in the hospital, allowing Arisu and Usagi to meet and flirt a bit without realizing they already knew each other.  See?  That would be a good way to end the show if necessary.  I really liked most of this episode save that hallucination thing.

But then there’s that close-up of a Joker card…

Well, this show is done for now.  I think I know what I want next:  I was going to finish Doom Patrol.

I was only doing the last two shows while I was waiting for that to come back anyway.