February 27, 2024

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The X-Files “Deadalive”

Mulder is dead! Or is he?

Apparently, the network resolved a contract dispute with David Duchuvny with this two-parter, allowing him to rejoin the series at least for the rest of the season.

Um, I guess that’s good.

The Case:  Mulder’s Alive!  Maybe?

The Rest:  Well, Mulder’s funeral was a bummer.  Silent cameos by series regular guests.  Scully pointing out there are no Mulders left.  Why are they burying him in North Carolina?  I thought he was from Rhode Island or something.  And then some fisherman find Billy Miles at the bottom of the ocean, alive despite looking like a water-logged corpse.

Billy Miles…that guy from I think the pilot episode that the show trots out every so often like I am going to remember that guy.  I love how this show talks about these forgettable characters like I am going to remember them.  Regardless, Mulder isn’t as dead as he looks despite being buried for three months or so.

But he’s not awake, and that leads to a search for Mulder’s return to life.  Doggett likewise has to decide if he wants to leave the X-Files or not because ADA Kersh is kinda insistent about it, but Doggett feels like he shouldn’t for…reasons.  Regardless, who or what will cure Mulder?  I mean, I’ve seen the revival episodes.  I know Mulder isn’t gonna die.  I mean, Duchuvny’s name is still first in the opening credits.

What will fix Mulder?  Will it be Krycek with a vaccine for the alien virus he claims Mulder was infected with?  Um, no.  He can use those nanites to make Skinner play along to a degree, but even Doggett, whose never met the guy before, can see he’s something of a dink.

Will it be Absalom?  He’s in prison, claims he can maybe cure people.  Nah.

Will it be nothing since Billy Miles literally washed off the bloat and emerged as good as new from the shower?  Nope!  Scully realized that wasn’t really Billy, and the alien virus really just turns people into aliens that look like the people they were.  So…they’re pod people?  When did Scully figure that out?  That seems…unlike her.

They really do need Mulder back.

Anyway, Skinner saves Mulder’s life by removing the life support machines, and then Scully uses some standard anti-virals after Krycek drops the vaccine in the parking garage because apparently he can take Doggett in a fight as long as he has a car.  Everyone else just uses Krycek as the punching bag, but that doofus can get away from the T-1000?

Eh, never mind.  Mulder’s back.  For now.

Up next, I guess Mulder and Doggett will argue or something.