February 27, 2024

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The X-Files “This Is Not Happening”

Doggett, Skinner, and Scully investigate a UFO cult with help from newcomer Monica Reyes.

Annabeth Gish makes her first appearance in the show as Monica Reyes, the character who basically becomes Doggett’s partner in the final season of the original run from what I can remember.  I remember Reyes.  I don’t remember all these other characters that appeared in this episode that appeared in previous episodes, so draw your own conclusions.

The Case:  UFO Cult!

The Rest:  So, I remember when Reyes first showed up, I commented on a message board that I had a hard time trusting Reyes, this woman who showed up out of nowhere and I am supposed to believe isn’t some sort of enemy.  Someone I knew from those days basically said I couldn’t have been a real fan or something because I should have known Reyes was on the level.  But, like, how?  I mean it was only one episode ago when someone else showed up that seemed helpful and turned out to be an enemy.  That’s, like, X-Files stock plot #4.

But no, Reyes is on the level.  Doggett brings her in to look into this mysterious UFO cult that may have an alien shapeshifter, but this is a friendly one known as Jeremiah Smith.  He appeared in previous episodes.  I only remember that because Scully says so.  All I have here is Scully, Doggett, and Skinner are out in Montana looking into the possibility that Mulder might pop up.  Reyes is an expert in religious based crime and the like, so she’s something of a profiler and, it turns out, a believer.

Was Reyes, if teamed with Doggett, an attempt to do a gender-flipped Mulder and Scully?

Now, Wikipedia tells me the series was trying Gish out in the event Gillian Anderson decided not to come back for season nine.  And Gish is…fine.  Just fine.  The real problem is still the show ran too long and there’s no real bad guys left aside from these aliens that, well, don’t really have any personality of any kind.  And given how Scully ends the episode shouting “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!” I can’t say that I can blame Anderson one bit for that…whatever it was.  It was just…embarrassing.

Well, Mulder might be back, but he also might be dead.

Up next, maybe Mulder isn’t dead.