June 18, 2024

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The X-Files “Per Manum”

How Scully got pregnant is revealed, and it may get her killed.

Adam Baldwin, the one who isn’t a Baldwin Brother, pops up here for what may be his first of multiple appearances while Megan Follows, who played Anne of Green Gables in her youth, dies giving birth to an alien baby in the cold open.

The Case:  Scully’s Pregnancy!

The Rest:  So, I somewhat remember this one, but I either didn’t care enough to pay that much attention the first time around because I didn’t quite get what Mulder did for Scully in this episode’s flashbacks.  The episode does make it clear that Mulder is the father of the baby, but I guess for whatever reason, I didn’t quite pick up that it was an artificial insemination at the time and Mulder was just a sperm donor.  Heck, he even makes a joke about how he doesn’t need much help to drop his donation off in a cup.

Anyway, this episode basically shows how Scully got pregnant.  The flashbacks showing her with Mulder are actually a nice touch, a good reminder of how good the chemistry was between those two characters while, at the same time, ensuring that the nature of their relationship stayed platonic.  Scully goes to Mulder for the sperm donation not because she’s smitten with him but because she knows he’s basically a man of integrity that she trusts.  Plus, she’s sterile because of the conspiracy assholes, and Mulder found an ova that those self-same assholes collected.  The flashbacks really make the episode.

Meanwhile, Doggett in the present doesn’t know Scully is pregnant, and when a guy shows up claiming his pregnant wife died in the cold open after giving birth to an alien, well, it seems like Doggett knows Scully is pregnant, but instead, he just knows everything about her past except that, and the whole thing sets off both of their radars for very different reasons.  Scully heads off protect herself and another pregnant woman while Doggett looks into the guy who brought the story, eventually turning to an old pal for him time in uniform, one Knowle Rohrer (Baldwin) for information since neither Scully nor Skinner are giving Doggett all the information he needs.

Oh, and Rohrer is with…somebody.

That’s actually one of the big problems with this episode:  who are the bad guys now?  The conspiracy, even the Smoking Man, are all more or less dead by now, so who is the conspiracy now?  They have no real face, and they don’t really carry any weight as a result.  They aren’t threatening.  They’re just, you know, there.  Where would the show go from here?  I don’t think anyone really knows.

Up next, the first appearance for a character that might make a better partner for Doggett.