February 26, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Opening Night”

Season Three Finale

Well, that was a rather delightful way to solve a murder.  Then again, it usually is on this show.

So, the previous episode showed the trio figured out who poisoned and presumably later pushed Ben to his death:  Donna the producer.  There’s a set-up to get Donna to confess once Loretta gets out on bail, and it goes very well since she more or less does so immediately.  They maybe didn’t even need Tolbert to disguise himself as a coat rack, but Tolbert isn’t a particularly funny character, so seeing him do anything funny is a nice thing on a comedy show.

Donna says she’s dying of lung cancer, and she’d like to see the show before she goes to jail.  That seems reasonable.  Besides, in a sudden turn of events, Oliver has to take the stage in the lead role, leading to Matthew Broderick to be a pretty sassy bitch from the audience.

Sassy Bitch Matthew Broderick may be my favorite Matthew Broderick.  Mostly because the older I get, the less I care for Ferris Bueller.

But it turns out that this is too easy an answer for a show like this, and Mabel realizes, just by watching Loretta and Dickie interact, that Donna is covering for the real killer, her son Cliff, and that leads to a near suicide since, well, Cliff didn’t necessarily set out to kill a man.  He just got in a pathetic fight with the guy in front of an open elevator shaft.  But even as Oliver’s pathetic (but somehow successful) show goes on, Mabel and Charles have to talk Cliff down, and after a curtain call, Donna and Cliff go to jail.

And then Sazz shows at the afterparty with talk of news, only to be shot by a sniper as a set-up for the already renewed season four.  She was, as always, dressed like Charles and in his apartment.  Was the bullet meant for him?  Will Meryl Streep be back in season four?  Will Tolbert?  I couldn’t care less about Tolbert, but I likewise doubt we’re getting that much more of Meryl Streep.  I don’t much care since this show is rather delightful.  Not sure killing off Jane Lynch’s character was a much better move, but here we are.  I know I’ll be back for more.

But wait, I need something for Tuesdays, and I have too many options to go with.  As with last time Tuesdays opened up, too many of my Tuesday shows came back with more episodes.  So…how about Good Omens?  I’d rather support that and hopefully get more, especially since I wasn’t expecting more anyway.

Besides, I just got David Tennant back as the Doctor.  It might be fun seeing him as two very different characters at the same time.