July 20, 2024

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The Afterparty “Feng”

Season Two, Episode Eight

Well, this episode turned out a bit different given the way this show normally rolls.  Regardless, here’s Feng, and his sweaty energy sure does fit well with comedic actor Ken Jeong.  I’m not always a big fan of the guy, but he works well here.

The thing that made this episode work as well as it did was the genre that much of the episode parodied, but the difference this time is instead of the genre being, presumably, all in Danner’s imagination as she hears the suspect’s story and repurposes the story as a movie genre for however her mind needs to see things.  What makes Feng’s story different is he’s not so much telling people what happened as showing them.  The previous episode suggested that the video guy Feng hired might have the answer to who murdered Edgar.

Said video guy is also one of those social media types, one who likes to put Instagram and TikTok stuff onto his videos, and as a result, it’s Aniq, Danner, and Feng watching videos leading up to the wedding and including the afterparty, the big issue being that Feng is pretty much broke as he’s trying to sell his baobing dessert business to Edgar, hoping to get an endorsement.  He and Aniq actually bond a bit as both are basically small business owners who know what hard times are like.

Plus, Aniq’s story of how he wrecked Feng’s foodtruck, well, not so much.  He barely dented the thing.

As it is, all of Feng’s activity had nothing to do with Ulysses’s sudden appearance at the wedding but more that his truck was almost towed away.  His trained chefs all left during the wedding, forcing Feng to miss parts of Grace’s wedding, and he’s as stressed out as a man can be.  All he really needs is for Edgar to try his shaved ice.  Everyone at the wedding really loves the stuff.

Only Edgar doesn’t, and that can ruin Feng since, well, it’s not like he has some other rich son-in-law that can help him out.

Besides, Vivian is off confessing her extra-marital affair to Zoe and Grace.  That’s not going well either.

What is going well?  Despite the fact Feng has an obvious motive to kill Edgar, he also has on tape what looks like a real threat from Isabel to her son, and the episode ends with her saying she is fully aware Grace didn’t murder Edgar, going against everything she’s been saying for the entire season.  So, she’s up next.

By the by, some genre parodies work better than others on this show, and Feng’s social media type videos, well, that’s more on the end of not working out so well.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, only that this one didn’t work out as well.