April 24, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Firstborn”

A mysterious Klingon tries to help Worf make a warrior out of Alexander.

Is Worf a good parent?  Even Deep Space Nine seems to suggest he isn’t, but he does try, and once again, he’s trying to help his son learn about being a Klingon.  He just got some help this time around.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that.


A mysterious Klingon offers Worf help in making a warrior out of Alexander.

jimmy:  Well, that was an unexpected twist.

tomk:  Yeah, who would have thought Brad Pitt was a figment of Edward Norton’s imagination?

jimmy:  It was pretty obvious. No real person could look that good.

tomk:  But Brad Pitt is a real person.

jimmy:  Or is he?

tomk:  He is.  It’s Helena Bonham-Carter who isn’t real.

jimmy:  I can see that.

tomk:  But yes, this episode did have a hell of a surprise…Riker won money at Quark’s Dabo table.

jimmy:  Riker gamble good.

tomk:  Him also read card good.

jimmy:  Quark was a bit of an odd guest star choice.

tomk:  Really?  Who else do you call when you want to find someone disreputable?  Dr. Bashir?

jimmy:  Apparently an earlier draft had Riker getting intel directly from Sisko (though I don’t think he appeared).

tomk:  Sisko doesn’t do cameos.

jimmy:  Picard does. Like in this episode.

tomk:  Is it a cameo if his name is first in the opening credits?

jimmy:  Maybe.  When you only appear in one scene.

tomk:  You got Picard scenes last time.

jimmy:  I had to go back and see if he directed this one since he was barely in it. He didn’t. Rumor has it he was hosting SNL.

tomk:  You mean when he gave us classic sketches like this one:

jimmy:  lol, that’s the only one I remember.

tomk:  That was the only one I could find on YouTube.

jimmy:  It’s the only one that matters.

tomk:  Not even when he was Phil McCraken, Scottish Therapist?

jimmy:  Did you make that up?

tomk:  Does that sound like something I made up?

jimmy:  …yes?

tomk:  Well, I didn’t.

jimmy:  If you say so.


jimmy:  You created a fake movie, I’m sure you could photoshop a few photos.

tomk:  What fake movie?

jimmy:  Peanut Butter Falcon.

tomk:  That was Watson. Do I look like Watson?

jimmy:  No. Praise Jeebus.

tomk:  Right.  Now enjoy your sexy cake.

jimmy:  It’s just a woman going to the bathroom.

tomk:  No, the other sexy cake.

jimmy:  Oh?  Oh!  Sexy.

tomk:  Who brought that first cake?

jimmy:  A thanksgiving elf I guess.

tomk:  Is it Canadian Thanksgiving?

jimmy:  No. But he’s not a very smart thanksgiving elf.

tomk:  That explains quite a bit. I would have thought it was a time traveling Klingon.

jimmy:  Maybe. You don’t see those coming.

tomk:  There’s one right there.

jimmy:  See what I mean?!

tomk:  But I did see him coming.  He was bringing a pizza.  All the way from the year 2000.

jimmy:  That was a good year for pizza. Though he probably put blood worms on it.

tomk:  Nah.

Have some.

jimmy:  Ok then.

tomk:  Like it?

jimmy:  I feel like I’m being set up, but I’ll say yes.

tomk:  Good.  It’s pepperoni.

jimmy:  Delicious.

tomk:  Fresh cheese too,

jimmy:  Good, good.

tomk:  And the GAGH! was aged correctly before it was baked into the crust.

jimmy:  I knew it!

tomk:  You already ate half of it and liked it.

jimmy:  I still knew it was a trap!

tomk:  Fine. Here’s an Earth pizza from right now.

jimmy:  I’ll take it for later.  I’m kinda full.

tomk:  Here you go. Pineapple pizza.

jimmy:  Grrrr.

tomk:  The good pizza was put away in your donut stash.

jimmy:  Man, maybe we should get back to time travelling Klingons.

tomk:  Okie dokie. Is it funny Michael Dorn has appeared in the most Star Trek as Worf but Alexander was played by four different actors?

jimmy:  Funny?  No.

tomk:  Is it weird then?

jimmy:  Weird?  No.  Kids grow up.  Sometimes it’s easier to get an older actor.  And he certainly couldn’t play an adult version of himself.

tomk:  True. It’s not like all the different actors to play Ricky Chapman.

jimmy:  I’m not going there.

tomk:  You sensed a trap again?

jimmy:  I did.

tomk:  Good for you.

jimmy:  Worf didn’t. Though he thought old Alexander looked familiar.

tomk:  He was caught in a trap. He couldn’t walk out.

jimmy:  He loves Alexander too much baby.

tomk:  So much so that he is going to keep yet another secret for the rest of his life.

Quite literally this time.

jimmy:  I read somewhere that in one of the novels that takes its basis from this episode, older Alexander saves Worf from his fate, but is killed in the process.

tomk:  That sounds much worse.

jimmy:  Not for Worf…or maybe it is…

tomk:  Worf can’t catch a break.

jimmy:  It’s hard out there for the MVP.

tomk:  Kinda like how you are the MVP of Trek chats?

jimmy:  No, how you are.

tomk:  Me?  I keep bringing back this:

jimmy:  You’re right. That does work against you with the voters.

tomk:  There are voters?

jimmy:  Someone has to pick the MVP.

tomk:  But you have a deeper mythology like Worf since you are friends with the Moose, tolerant of the Beaver, and have complex relationships with Cousin Minka and Malin Ackerman. There’s the fire truck, the donut stash, and your archfoe Watson.

jimmy:  But you are much more learned.

tomk:  You got them Hugh Jackman looks.

jimmy:  This is true.

tomk:  And you absolutely did not knock up one of the Duras sisters.

jimmy:  That I’m pretty sure of.

tomk:  Only pretty sure?

jimmy:  There was the “Romulan Ale” night.

tomk:  You mean the fruit punch?

jimmy:  Whatever.  I had a lot.

tomk:  Well, as reoccurring villains go, the Duras sisters are rather forgettable.

jimmy:  They are only memorable for two reasons.

tomk:  Yes, there are two sisters.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  I sure hope they don’t use them in one of the TNG movies.

jimmy:  Probably not.

tomk:  Well, we’ll find out later or something.

jimmy:  We will.  As it was, here, they were mostly a plot point to get them to point out the mistake made by Alexander with the dagger.

tomk:  You mean Alexander screwed up again?  I might have been suspicious if someone had noticed how close his alias was to “Khitomer,” AKA the Klingon colony Worf spent part of his childhood on.

jimmy:  I never noticed.

tomk:  Neither did Worf, and he’s the MVP.

jimmy:  The “P” doesn’t stand for “Perfect”.

tomk:  Is that also your middle initial?  Jimmy P. Impossible?

jimmy:  Oh, I’m far from perfect either.

tomk:  The “p” could stand for “pork chop”.

jimmy:  I do like pork chops.

tomk:  And potato chips.

jimmy:  I just had some.  Chips, not pork chops.

tomk:  Then have these pork chops, freshly grilled.

jimmy:  Just in time for supper.  Thanks!

tomk:  Good. I wouldn’t want to ruin your supper by pointing out the next episode brings back a season one villain.

jimmy:  Those aliens from Farpoint?

tomk:  Not that far back.

jimmy:  Troi’s skirt uniform?

tomk:  That was an enemy?

jimmy:  Probably for Sirtis.

tomk:  Good point.

jimmy:  Armus?

tomk:  See, Jimmy, this adversary is so forgettable, they didn’t even get the same actor back for his second and final appearance.  I mean, do you even remember DaiMon Bok?

jimmy:  Who?

tomk:  See, you don’t even remember the Ferengi who got mad because Picard didn’t let said Ferengi’s son just blow Picard’s ship up.

jimmy:  You know my memory…

tomk:  Are we going to have to start this rewatch all over again?

jimmy:  Someday.

tomk:  Well, in the meantime, how do you feel about the idea that Picard might have a son he didn’t know existed?

jimmy:  A plot sure to never come up again.

tomk:  No, never. Curious?

jimmy:  Always.

tomk:  In that case, set course for a Ferengi episode, Ensign Jimmy.

jimmy:  Engage.

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