March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Medusa”

Doggett heads into subway tunnels while Scully looks into a mystery illness above ground.

Ken Jenkins and Penny Johnson Jerald both pop up in this one.  He’s best known as Scrubs‘s Dr. Kelso while she’s bounced around a lot of good sci fi shows.  Here, he speaks with a very thick, not very good Boston accent while she is going by just “Penny Johnson” so she hadn’t married Mr. Jerald yet.

And I actually remember this one!

The Case:  Flesh-Eating Ocean Life!

The Rest:  The premise here is simple enough:  a transit cop in Boston was found dead on a subway train with half his face and one arm basically stripped to the bone.  That means Scully and Doggett head in to find out what killed this guy.  There was a suspect, and the impatient head of the transit system (Jenkins) cares more about getting the trains to run on time than saving lives.  But some scientists came down, including Johnson Jerald’s CDC investigator, and Scully and Doggett are there too.  Doggett will go down into the subway tunnels with a tranist cop and the two scientists while Scully runs things above ground and deals with Boston Kelso.

That’s actually not a bad way to use these two.  I’ve said before Doggett’s not a bad character, but he’s also not Mulder.  He’s not Scully either, but he does make for a good on-the-ground guy, and Scully is good at the science stuff.  Sure, that transit cop is being a real butt-munch about Scully’s running the show while Doggett goes to do the dangerous stuff, but I get the impression that doesn’t bother Doggett at all.  Really, at this point, the only problem with the Doggett character is he doesn’t have the same fit to Scully that Mulder did, and that’s hardly Robert Patrick’s fault.

As it is, I was all set to make a Big Dig joke since I wasn’t sure if that was going on at the time, but then the show referenced the Big Dig on its own.  The problem is there’s a bio-luminescent lifeform that washed in with an ocean current through a hole in a tunnel.  Something sets the stuff off to eat people, and when an infected Doggett finds a homeless kid down there that’s A-OK, Scully realizes sweat is what sets it off.  A kid’s sweat glands isn’t as well developed.  That leads to more trouble as Dr. Kelso starts the trains up before Scully has figured that out, but Doggett does something with the infected transit cop’s weapon to use the electricity from the third rail to kill all the ocean mold or whatever it was.  Everyone will be fine save the dead folks they already found down there…including Dr. Kelso since he obviously knew the place was dangerous and tried to cover it all up.

Yeah, this episode ends with Doggett basically getting a lesson on the X-Files when Scully points out that, thanks to the way he saved everyone’s life, there’s no evidence of the stuff, so no one is going to be punished and they can’t even put much into their official report on the matter.  Doggett seems to take that in stride, but the fact that he even wanted to says a lot.

Up next, alien babies.