July 16, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 7”

Season Two, Episode Seven

Well, the penultimate episode for season two, and the series as a whole until season three hits Netflix, sure was an action-packed affair.  Everyone converged on the King of Spades, one of the last player cards left, and everyone tried to fight him.

And I mean everyone.  I think I saw Jimmy Impossible take a swing at the guy.

The episode here seems to be in almost a rush.  I mean, they took their old sweet time eliminating some of the player cards, so it wasn’t like there was going to be time to go in-depth into all of them.  So, there’s a fatal game of what looks like mahjongg, Ann and Kuina win some kind of lethal game of dodgeball, and that just leaves the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts was a high-ranking member of the Beach in season one, but she didn’t seem to do a whole lot, so I’m not sure why this is such a big deal.  Like, she isn’t this deep, established character that I was given a reason to feel one way or the other about before the big reveal of who she really was.  But that’s for the finale.  The King of Spades hasn’t really killed a named character yet, but Aguni has it in for the guy as does his teenage sidekick Heiya.  Or Heiya just wants Aguni to like her back.  It doesn’t much matter.  By the time this episode is over, Arisu and a limping Usagi head off to face the Queen of Hearts while Aguni just seems to…stop.  Everyone else was shot of stabbed during the battle, some seemingly fatally, though all of them seem to still be breathing.

Well, there was one who was shot by someone else, and that’s Chishiya.  Raging asshole Niragi showed up with some firearms and decided to play a few games of “let’s shoot some people” before the King even got there.  Granted, Chishiya doesn’t seem to have a skillset that would be all that helpful to stop the King the way the others do, and even the unnamed background players showed some smarts, with one hitting the King with a car (the King walked it off and shot the dude) or using the hood of a car as a shield as they tried to get close.  It all comes down to the named characters with their skills.  Ann has a handgun, Aguni and Arisu rifles, Heiya her bow, Usagi a knife, and Kuina her fists.

The end result is a rather exciting episode that was almost entirely the fight with the King.  Yeah, there were other games at the beginning, but it’s almost like even the episode itself wants to get back to the King of Spades, and if there’s a way to save the dying, well…I guess that’s what may or may not happen in the next episode, but when even Heiya is still trying to breathe after taking multiple shots from what looked like a submachine gun at pointblank range, well, there has to be a reason for it.

Then again, this show has never had a problem with killing named characters before.  I just think wiping out most of the prominent members of the cast before what I presume is a third and final season happens is maybe not quite right.