June 19, 2024

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Succession “Living+”

Season Four, Episode Six

OK, I think I know from long experience that this is all going to go badly for the Roys at some point, but this is an episode that actually shows Kendall can maybe do this thing.

Here’s the thing:  Kendall and Roman need to present a lesser idea of their father called “Living+” to a shareholders meeting, and both brothers try to do, well, something that may be the sort of thing they think their father would do, and both of them get it wrong, but Kendall at least appears to get away with it, even responding well to a tweet from Matsson comparing the idea to Nazism without looking bad.  Could it be that, well, Kendall’s empty corporate speak might actually be able to get him where he needs to be?

Kendall has long relied on this sort of empty talk.  He asks for things that don’t mean anything, rarely listens to whatever experts he hires, and seems to believe his own nonsense.  Every so often, he tends to realize how empty he is, and when he does, well, he usually submerges himself in water.  This episode may be the first time Kendall submerged himself in relief rather than depression, a man sitting in a place he’s always wanted to be, or at least always thought that he wanted to be.  He’s still a guy who wants the love of his father, his children, and possibly his ex-wife.  Which Kendall will be still standing by the end remains to be seen, but that deepfake of his father he sent to Roman sure wasn’t cool.

Roman, meanwhile, just tried to fire women who have worked for Waystar for a long time and is probably just asking for trouble.  It’s random, and it comes when both Gerri and the head of Waystar Studios maybe suggests Roman needs to, like, earn their respect or something.  Roman’s reaction to such a move is to fire people.

Kendall, given similar backtalk from Karl of all people, just lets it slide off and even puts Karl on the spot on during his shareholders presentation.  Now, it could be because this is Karl and not Gerri, but Kendall shows a path to put people in their place (so to speak) without leading to possible lawsuits or angrily lashing out at people who dared to tell him “no”.

Then again, the best scenes in the episode may be Shiv’s.  She’s showing subtle power moves over Matsson, and she and Tom are, well…maybe not reconciling.  Playing biting games is weird, but she and Tom do talk, and his confession that he turned on her simply because he likes nice things, well…it makes sense.  Can these two work things out?

Better question:  should they?

I would say the one thing that would make Shiv different from both her parents would be if she and Tom work things out somehow, but the Roys, collectively, are truly damaged people, and spending time with them is just plain bad for anyone’s sanity.