February 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Danger Street #8-10 (August-October, 2023)

I am catching up on this Black Label series.

I know I try to not read issues until I review a previous issue, but thanks in no small part to all those Knight Terrors issues, I fell behind on a lot of the different series I actually liked and wanted to read.  Consequently, in some cases I just forgot I hadn’t reviewed some things yet.  Case in point:  issue #9 of Danger Street.  Once I realized I had read ahead, I figured I could do so again, basically deciding to cover however many issues I had finished when I finally caught up.  In this case, that’s three issues.

Anyway, here I am.

Issues:  Danger Street #8-10, August-October 2023

Writer:  Tom King

Artist:  Jorge Fornés

The Plot:  Manhunter meets the Outsiders, then fights Codename: Assassin, there are some origin stories, Lady Cop learns more, Warlord bonds with the Dingbats, and the Creeper picks a side,

Commentary:  At some point, I may need to look up if DC had another version of the Outsiders beyond the superhero team Batman put together when he decided to quit the Justice League.  I don’t much recognize the kids here–and they are kids–and I have vague recollection of Lady Cop, for cryin’ out loud.  But instead, well, there’s a lot going on here, and it looks like King’s script is starting to pull all the different characters together.  What are the New Gods up to?  Beats me.  They’re doing something.  What does the Creeper and the Green Team have to do with Warlord, Starman, and the Dingbats?  Again, I don’t know.

I am enjoying the trip so far.  King spends time in the 8th issue giving an origin story to both the Green Team and the Outsiders, and it’s a tragic tale for the Outsiders on one level and the Green Team on another.  Without saying too much, they all knew each other, and there’s an explanation on how a quartet of kids became so obscenely rich and powerful beyond “they inherited all the money.”  That’s especially true concerning the one that’s a movie director.  I mean, that’s not exactly a job someone can inherit like an oil tycoon or a shipping magnate.

As it is, the Outsider/Green Team storyline seems to be coming to a head in #10 with the Creeper finding himself in a position between both groups and finding the whole thing rather hilarious  because he’s the Creeper and he just finds things funny.

Of special note, before I go too much further, is #9, an entire issue-length dual between Manhunter and Codename: Assassin that is both physical and philosophical.  The two are not only trying to win the fight but also win an argument over, among other things, how many ways there are for Assassin to win versus Manhunter.

Combine that with Lady Cop showing some actually legitimate detective skills, Warlord’s explanation for why he’s even there, and the Dingbats basically being set up as being in the middle of the whole thing, and I’m really enjoying this whole thing.  I hope I don’t have to review the remaining two issues together like this, but I probably won’t wait to read the issues either.

Grade:  A-