March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Badlaa”

Scully and Doggett look for a fakir who can disguise himself as anyone.

Deep Roy appears in this one.  He’s a little person Indian actor who tends to appear in any sort of genre show or movie on either side of the Atlantic that needs a little person actor.

He actually gets to use his own face in this one.

The Case:  Fakir Wants Revenge!

The Rest:  The episode starts off in suitably eerie fashion as a very large American businessman is yanked out of a bathroom stall by a small Indian man who doesn’t have anything going on below the knees.  That happens in Mumbai.  The American guy then gets on the plane, flies to America, doesn’t really say anything, then has a lot of blood come out of his body because the legless man was apparently hiding inside what was, in fact, a briefly animated corpse.

So, what’s this guy’s story?  He seems to be hunting down other, less obese businessmen.  He also seems to be able to cast illusions to look like anyone, but he never says a word no matter who he looks like.  I’m actually wondering how he managed to get a custodian’s job after presumably not saying anything in the job interview.  All I know is, the fathers of the kids at this school are his targets with the occasional other person thrown in when he needs to keep his cover, and the janitor’s wheeled mop bucket makes good cover for the squeaky wheels on his own wheeled platform that he needs to get around menacingly if very slowly.  There’s suspicion that he’s getting revenge for an accidental chemical spill in India, but since the guy doesn’t talk in any way, that’s just speculation from Scully.

No, mostly the episode has Scully telling Doggett over and over that he has to be open-minded about what they’re looking for, and Doggett doing his best to do so despite, well, every crazy thing happening in this case.  That just means that Doggett actually realizes a bit of what’s happening before Scully as two school kids figure out the little man is causing problems.  Considering these two were pretty antagonistic before the fakir managed to kill one of each of their parents, they seem to know things, and when Scully corners the fakir, she sees a kid.  Will she listen to the other kid and shoot the fakir?

Eventually, yes, just as Doggett is arriving to help.  And that’s when the stinger hits that Scully couldn’t be the Mulder and follow her own advice about being open-minded, something that upsets her and reminds me that Scully is not the open-minded one.

Up next, all that means is it may be time for Mulder to come back for an episode.