February 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Shazam! #2 (August, 2023)

Mary Marvel has a nightmare to beat.

Part 1 of the Shazam! issues for Knight Terrors actually felt the most dreamlike with its random changes and just plain weirdness.  But that doesn’t mean the second issue will keep that up.

Then again, I think I liked this one best.  It was a Mark Waid script after all…

Issue:  Knight Terrors: Shazam! #2, August 2023

Writer:  Mark Waid

Artists:  Roger Cruz and Wellington Dias

The Plot:  Mary faces her worst nightmares on her own!  Or does she…?

Commentary:  At the end of part one, Mary was faced with her worst nightmare:  her brother Billy as a corrupted version of his own heroic persona (whatever his name is these days).  Looking an awful lot like Black Adam, Mary might be toast.

Or, she won’t because she has supernatural wisdom on her side, and she knows a thing or two about where her strengths lie.  That would be with her extended family, and while in the waking world Freddy, Darla, Pedro, and Eugene are powerless. Mary is in a dream world, and she can share the power with her adopted siblings.  You know, if she can get to them in their own dream settings.

Oh, she can?  And she can help them overcome their own nightmares?  Yeah, this looks like something that will work out in her favor.  The action takes place as Mary jumps from one person’s nightmare to another, finding ways to help all of her loved ones (including her parents), and then take on the Billy Nightmare Monster.  It’s not quite as trippy as the first issue, but it’s still a lot of fun as Mary does what she does and manages to wake herself up.  Yeah, it doesn’t finish things up because Mary has to go to a final battle of some kind, but it does work out pretty well, and I do like a good Waid script.

Grade:  B+