July 16, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Thirty”

Season Three, Episode Nine

There’s a moment here where the central trio, finally working together again, realize they need to sneak into a courtroom, so Mabel dons a wedding dress while Charles and Oliver basically pretend to be her fathers, and I don’t know if they did that just so Steve Martin and Martin Short could deliberately point out their Father of the Bride movies.  I mean, I don’t mind if they did, but I have seen better meta jokes.

Actually, I do find this show often finds clever ways to reveal things, and this episode has the threesome realize they have a day before Loretta goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit while the show is set to open the following day.  That means there’s a lot of play on the “thirty” of the title as the gang has to figure out what happened in the last thirty minutes before Ben was poisoned on opening night and it’s Mabel’s thirtieth birthday.  Once again, that means I find out something that I had been incorrectly led to believe.

And not just because I missed the bit where Dickie, not Ben, was Loretta’s actual son.  That…actually makes more sense.

Anyway, the first stop is to where Dickie said Ben kept five whores he visited regularly, and the five turn out to be five older women who were part of a sewing circle, and it goes from there.  Oliver had a ladder.  Charles couldn’t fake crying.  And one of the women wasn’t offended by the whores remark since she used to be one.  From there, the three piece together the last thirty minutes based on secretly recorded witness testimony to figure out who the poisoner to basically reveal that, well, Ben wasn’t really an asshole so much as a guy who had a lot of stuff dumped on top of him all at once, ranging from Loretta’s convincing Dickie to quit, the stage manager yelling at him, and the fact that the person he was yelling at in a previous episode was himself because he ate a cookie while fasting…oh, and said cookie was poisoned by the real killer:  Donna the producer.  She had an advanced copy of a review that said Ben was the weak point, and she did not want her son’s first big show to be a flop.

By the by, the scenes of the three watching the video that interspersed them with the characters, something that played out well even as Charles at one point commented on his own appearance in a way that shouldn’t have happened, but it happened anyway and it was funny.

So, with one episode left, a murder to solve and a show to put on, About all I know for certain is I am going to find it amusing as all get out.  I mean, that’s basically what this show is:  it’s highly amusing while also putting together a legitimately smart murder mystery one season from the next.  Add in three talented leads–two old pros and a relative newcomer–and I probably shouldn’t be surprised that this show is as good as it is.