May 26, 2024

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The Afterparty “Ulysses”

Season Two, Episode Seven

In what universe am I supposed to buy that John Cho and Ken Jeong are brothers?  Oh wait, half brothers?  OK, I can buy that.

If there’s one thing The Afterparty has consistently done well, especially in season two, it’s to take these characters who look like they are the rich and the powerful or mysterious and then shows them to be, well, not anything like that.  And casting half of the Harold & Kumar duo as “Funcle” Ulysses (you know, the fun uncle) just seems to be the sort of move this show would make, the guy who rode into the wedding on the back of a white horse, clad like some sort of cowboy, and bringing fury out of his half-brother Feng without any real explanation.  Surely this man has an epic story to tell!

Eh, his story is not really epic, but he tells it that way!

Yes, Ulysses, the half-brother to Feng, the man who comes across as a worldly man, someone who has experiences and wisdom beyond his years…was originally a USO dancer who managed to survive an attack when he and his troop were headed across the Iraqi desert where one man in the group lost a foot to the rocket attack.  That seems to be the only casualty.  Regardless, that really wrecks Ulysses, keeping him from dancing, so he moves in with his half-brother Feng to recuperate.  Feng knows his wife Vivian needs a dance partner for some competitive dancing.  Perhaps Ulysses will get his groove back by…wait, he needs to get his groove back?

Um, yeah.

OK, no wonder Feng doesn’t want to see his half brother anymore.

Feng, now, can’t dance even as he travels the world because no matter what the dance he sees, he sees Vivian doing it.  The only thing to do is go off to the ends of the Earth and never return, staying as far away from Vivian, Feng, Zoe, and Grace as he can.  Man, this might be sad if the whole thing wasn’t a comedy.  Instead, it’s rather funny.  In fact, if Edgar hadn’t showed up and suggested Ulysses was Grace’s real father, he probably never would have come back.

Well, Edgar knows some stuff.  Aniq may not like that, but Danner sees that as a motive!

Just not for Ulysses.  He decided he didn’t care.  Feng, on the other hand…

Say, are we going to find out Edgar died by accident at this point?  Because the longer this season runs, the less harmless he seems.