December 1, 2023

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Taking A Week Off

I am taking a break.

Hi all.  Tom here.

I’m the guy who writes most of the articles here, and I’m taking this week off.  I probably could write up some this week without too much trouble, but I opted not to.  I had a birthday last week and had a family visit at the end of the week plus an all-day Sunday bit of fun, and so, well, not much time for writing articles.  So, I’m just taking a week off.  I may do a Last Airbender chat transcript and will probably have the Weekend Trek stuff done, but that’s it.  Normal articles for the two or three people who actually read these things will resume the week of (American) Thanksgiving.

I mean, I suppose I could schedule the next Succession article since I wrote those months ago, but nah.  I’ll just wait a week.