July 13, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #80 (January, 1970)

The Chameleon doesn't know how dumb he really is.

What’s this?  A single-part story?  It’s not some sort of two or three part story?  I didn’t know this series still did that!

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #80, January 1970

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artists:  John Buscema and Jim Mooney

The Plot:  The Chameleon returns!

Commentary:  Wait, this is the Chameleon’s second appearance?  He hadn’t appeared since #2 way back when?  I would have thought he had popped up again, but no.  He was gone the entire time.  I mean, he might have appeared in other issues and…wait, didn’t the Chameleon bring Kraven over the first time?  I guess he didn’t actually mess with Spider-Man between #2 and #80.  At least, that explains why the editor’s note made it sound like the Chameleon hadn’t really done much of anything for 78 issues.  I’ll just have to check with Jimmy.  Jimmy knows things.

Anyway, Peter’s girlfriend woes end when Flash Thompson, who apparently can just leave the Army to go home whenever he feels like it, tells Peter Gwen still loves Peter for some reason, and that’s the end of that subplot.  Really, people should just talk to each other once in a while.

But then the Chameleon starts pulling robberies, first as Captain Stacy, and then later as the dumbest possible disguise ever:  Peter Parker.

OK, I know the Chameleon doesn’t know Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but man, could he have picked a dumber disguise?  I mean, sure, Jolly Jonah did show up with Peter since Jonah must only have one photographer when Spider-Man might be hanging around, and Jonah will surely blame Spider-Man up to the exact moment when the Chameleon is unmasked.  I would have thought Peter Parker tossing a hand grenade would have been a good clue, but what do I know?

And that’s that.  Fortunately, everyone Peter knows is dumb and hasn’t figured out why Spider-Man knew the Chameleon was disguised as Peter Parker.

Grade:  A