December 1, 2023

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The X-Files “Surekill”

A killer can see through walls.

Oh hey, James Franco was in this one!  Or so Wikipedia tells me.  I didn’t see him.  He played the deep character known only as “Second Officer.”

Ryan Reynolds had more lines in the episode he appeared in

The Case:  Killer With X-Ray Vision!

The Rest:  A man running for his life is killed by a gunshot to the head…through the ceiling of a police holding cell.  Time to call in Scully and Doggett!

See, there’s this exterminator who is legally blind.  His large, seemingly-simple fraternal twin brother, he can see through walls.  The blind brother has a record, and he’s going around and robbing drug dealers.  His brother is his unseen protector.  The dead man was their fence.  And the whole problem is, well, the brother’s young secretary, she’s maybe skimming money.  She set up the fence, but that’s not why he had to die.  Meanwhile, blind brother is maybe sleeping with her (she doesn’t seem all that willing), but the other brother is watching her from the next apartment.

Say, if he can see through walls…why doesn’t he also look through her clothes?  He seems to go out of his way to see her in the shower when, you know, he probably just watch her as she works in the brothers’ office.  Eh, maybe the seeing-through-things isn’t that precise.

Now, all things being equal, Scully and Doggett actually make a good team here.  Doggett figures out the crime while Scully figures out the guy can see through walls.  How does Scully figure that out?  I dunno.  Maybe she just pulled a Mulder.  I mean, someone has to figure it out without any real evidence.  Scully is as good a choice as any…even if it was never her to make those leaps before.

This show really did need Mulder, didn’t it?

Well, this episode ends because Tammi the secretary essentially plays the seeing brother against the blind brother and gets away when X-Ray man kills his brother.  So much for Doggett’s theory that twins never flip on each other…

Up next, he is Iron Man.