May 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Ravager #2 (August, 2023)

Rose Wilson flees dream versions of her father and herself.

Rose Wilson was never really one of my favorite characters, but she got a Knight Terrors two-parter, so maybe something will happen there to change my mind.

Or more likely it won’t, but there’s always a chance, you know.

Issue:  Knight Terrors: Ravager #2, August 2023

Writer:  Ed Brisson

Artist:  Dexter Soy

The Plot:  Rose has a plan to fight the monsters in her dreams.  One of them just happens to be herself.

Commentary:  I suppose I could weigh here to say why I don’t much care for Ravager.  Part of it is simple:  I tend not to care much for antiheroes in my superhero comics.  That hasn’t always been true, but it is these days.  Some are better than others, of course.  Wolverine done right is a soulful character with a lot of depth, and while I would rarely say the same about the Punisher, I think there have been some good runs done with the character.  But Rose Wilson?  That’s a trickier one since she’s a lot more inconsistent depending on how close she is at any given moment to her mercenary father.  I’m not even sure how many eyes she has sometimes.

By the by:  I tend to view Deathstroke as more of a mercenary than a villain.  He does what he does for money.

Anyhoo, how was this issue?  Rather average.  Rose in her nightmare thought she had to save a little girl version of herself from a demonic version of Deathstroke, only to find the two were in cahoots.  Meanwhile, her Stormwatch teammates are all awake somehow and trying to wake her up.  Rose proves a little too smart for the nightmare versions of herself and Slade, and that’s about it with a hint that her nightmares might actually have a life outside of the Knight Terrors storyline.  But I barely know anything about the new Stormwatch beyond the fact they appear to have little to nothing to do with the Wildstorm version of the team.  The only reason I would read more Stormwatch is if I read more of the Brave and the Bold series that seems to feature them.

So, still not a fan of Rose all that much.

Grade:  C