July 16, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Sitzprobe”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

I am somewhat used to finding out things that often exonerate suspects on this series, but it’s usually something the characters find out.  This time, not so much.  But it’s a moment that works the way it’s done.

So, the idea here is that Loretta, played by the glorious Meryl Streep, became a top suspect for some of the trio (not Oliver) when her scrapbook of Ben stuff was found by Oliver, and she sure did seem to have strong feelings about her superstar co-star.

Essentially, it came out this episode was that she was Ben’s biological mother.  The series had already revealed he was adopted, and Loretta gave the baby up to a couple from her hometown so she could pursue an acting career.  She kept track of her boy, even as he got a kid brother Dickie, and was looking forward to telling him who she was, but then Ben died and that was that.  It’s a moment that works as well as it does because aside from the fact it asks me to believe Meryl Streep is Paul Rudd’s biological mother because it plays into information we already have while adding more context to explain things a bit better.

Besides, I somehow doubt they’re doing to turn Oliver’s love interest into the killer.  That’s really only something the show can get away with once.

But setting aside all that, this episode also marks the triumphant return of Detective Williams, Charles’s finally getting the patter song right, the trio reuniting, and the decision to try and eavesdrop on Williams’s interviews with the entire cast since one of them is probably Ben’s killer.  That last moment also works as well as it does because Charles appears to be so bad at it.  Charles’s being bad at is somewhat expected.  This is a comedy series.  He can do something that silly and fail miserably, especially against a character like Williams who is normally so no-nonsense, but then turn the whole thing around and reveal Charles was acting like a clumsy idiot on purpose to lure the theater-loving Williams out to watch him do the patter song while Oliver bugged the interrogation room.

Mabel, meanwhile, is taping together shredded paper to find Loretta’s letter to Ben.  That may be something she needs since Loretta is going to take the fall for top suspect Dickie.

I don’t think Dickie did it either, for what it’s worth.  He seemed genuinely upset in a previous episode when no one was around to see him.

And as for Oliver’s second heart attack…well, we all knew that had to happen eventually.