July 20, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 5”

Season Two, Episode Five

So, whoever is running this world, they don’t care much if they zap kids over apparently.

That’s what I picked up here.  Arisu and Aguni reunite (Aguni is seeing Hatter’s ghost), and Aguni has a sidekick now in the form of a teenage girl that is alternately a badass and a full of herself teenage girl.  This is one Heiya, a popular girl at school before she found herself in the middle of her first game:  get out of a collapsing stadium alive.  She’s the only survivor, but she lost a leg in the process and her virginity to the one doctor she found who could treat her.  Then she fell in with Aguni so she will never be a victim again.

Oh, but she also seems to be taunting Arisu by asking if he thinks she’s cute or something.

Meanwhile, Usagi finds an even smaller kid who’s been orphaned by this world and opts to take him to an elaborate game of tag against the Queen of Spades that involves tagging people to come over to your team.  Arisu is there for that one too, but there are so many things I wonder about.

For one thing, why are kids being swiped too?

But more importantly…what the hell is the King of Spades’s game?  I mean, the games so far have rules and all, a way to win.  He just wanders around killing people because, well, he just wants to?  Even the glimpse of a game I saw with Kuina showed she just had to beat up a bunch of guys by herself.  That’s, like, a goal.  I would even assume that she knew that going on since, you know, games always give vague rules before they start off.  Something for Arisu or one of the other protagonists to figure out.  The King of Spades never announced a damn thing before he started just killing people.  I mean, “Kill him or he’ll kill you” might be the implied rules, but still, that’s not really much of a game.  It’s just trying to outsmart a guy with lots of weapons and, apparently, a bulletproof vest.

Then again, Ann discovered the city is surrounded by craters, so it isn’t an exact replica of planet Earth.

This show is so gloriously weird if you don’t think about it too hard.