March 2, 2024

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Succession “Honeymoon States”

Season Four, Episode Four.

So, I had this theory going for the last two episodes.  If season one showed the rise and fall of Kendall, season two the same for Shiv, and season three for Roman, and given some of his speeches so far, would season four be all about Connor?

Looks like not unless the fact he negotiated the purchase of his father’s penthouse apartment from Marcia is a bigger deal than it appears to be.

Here it is:  Logan Roy’s wake.  And even when he’s dead and gone, he’s still the elephant in the room as various people scramble to get all kinds of things.  That ranges from Cousin Greg trying to ingratiate himself to Marcia–for all his faults, Greg does have a sense of whom he should cozy up to–to Tom trying to buddy buddy up to each of the Roy siblings (save Connor) after it’s basically pointed out the one thing keeping him where he was is now dead.

Each of the three Roy kids react in a very in-character way.  Kendall says he likes him but wishes him luck.  Shiv, eventually, blows him off.  And Roman gets a little potty-mouthed.  If anything, the only one who seems genuinely upset that Logan is dead is Kerry, his last assistant and most probable Wife #4.  She’s hysterical as Marcia, the only one on legally binding paper who can control anything, throws her out.

Roman, meanwhile, is the only one to try to be nice to her because Roman, deep down, has more empathy than the others.

By the by, hats off to Tom’s attempt to please Shiv.  Given the long and weird history between these two, I honestly couldn’t tell how sincere he was being.  I do think he has some love for Shiv, but there’s also the part that makes me think he wanted to be a powerful person in the company even more.  All of these characters are probably deeper (while being very shallow people) than they appear to be, so it could be both, and if nothing else, if Tom faked that whole thing, he is very good at looking sincere.

Granted, Shiv is pregnant, and she hasn’t told anybody.  And Tom did rush forward first when she tripped on some stairs.  So, again, complicated relationship.

But still, someone needs to run the company.  And there’s this piece of paper which names Kendall the new CEO.

Or not.  There’s a line on the paper, written in pencil, that could be something Logan underlined or something he crossed out.  Kendall will be wondering about that for the rest of his life.  He says he still wants to work with his siblings, and I can almost believe him.  Not that I think he’s lying.  I just don’t think he and the others are capable of really working together for very long.  Shiv is suspicious.  Roman is maybe conciliatory.  Kendall’s idea is to be the co-CEO with Roman as Roman is currently still COO.  Shiv, lacking experience, would be a tough sell, but there’s a promise she’ll be brought on “later”.

If Kendall is anything like his father, he will string that “later” along for as long as he possibly can.

Especially since the episode isn’t even over when he makes a decision without consulting Shiv or Roman or even telling them afterwards, and it’s the sort of dirty trick his father probably would have done.

Kendall really is his father’s son, isn’t he?

Unless Connor, who was mostly observing from afar, is going to end up doing something big.

I’m speculating here.  I have no idea as I type this.  And since there’s a good chance I will finish Better Call Saul before I schedule these, it might be interesting to see how right or wrong I am when I proofread these posts later.  Right now, I am just waiting for this delicate thing these three, very unserious people (according to their own father) are trying to run to collapse in ruin in some way that makes me wonder if I should feel bad for these self-obsessed people or not.