July 22, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “CoBro”

Season Three, Episode Seven

Well, the trio broke up last episode over their respective priorities driving a wedge between them.  Will they stay that way?

I mean, yeah, they probably won’t.

However, in a nice twist, the trio doesn’t completely get back together just yet.  That’s mostly because the three of them have different ways to cope, and Charles’s is arguably the worst.  He does find a clue or two from the kleptomaniac old lady in the building, but he’s mostly lurking outside Oliver’s apartment, trying to find a way to apologize when he doesn’t even really know how at his age.  He just has a feeling like he should because, as it puts it at the end of the episode, if he’d talked to Joy, he might have not ended up alone.  It’s character growth for Charles, and it works.

Oliver, meanwhile, gets the silly plot where he hires Matthew Broderick to replace Charles in the show and makes the mistake of letting the Broadway legend make his own character decisions, something that guest star Mel Brooks berates Oliver over.

I heard Mel Brooks drop the f-bomb.  I am not sure I have ever heard him do that before.  I am pleased.

Also, Charles never got over that Broderick beat him out for the Ferris Bueller role despite being 41 years old at the time.

As it is, Broderick won’t go home until Charles apologizes and gets his role back.

Well, that’s good for the old men.  Where’s Mabel?

Oh, she found two new guys to work with: Tolbert and Theo Dimas.  Tolbert has good equipment for a podcast, better than what Mabel has used in the past while Theo’s sign language and CoBro fandom works to coach Mabel through a conversation with Ben Glenroy’s brother Dickie, the guy who did all the actual work that Ben rode to success and fame.  Mabel does have enough information to exonerate the man arrested for the murder, but her new show, now called “Bloody Mabel,” well, she seems to be able to go on just fine without her old partners.

Yeah, that might be a tougher nut to crack for Charles and Oliver.  I’ll probably be very amused when they do figure it out.  I mean, they do have a clue for her…