May 26, 2024

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Going Through Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Seven

Jimmy and Tom talk more Avatar with the episodes "The Blue Spirit" and "The Fortuneteller".

Hey, Happy Halloween!  Here’s another transcript of Jimmy and Tom’s thoughts on a pair of Last Airbender episodes,

Hey, there is someone in a disguise in the first one they covered here.

“The Blue Spirit”

A mysterious figure offers Aang help when he’s found by Zhao’s forces.

jimmy:  :notes:  And also he’s a ninja :notes:

tomk:  Is he this universe’s Batman?

jimmy:  He might be.

tomk:  Well, you do like Batman. And the Blue Spirit got a lot done without tossing a single fireball.

jimmy:  Did he?  I kinda thought he might have when he took off the first guard off camera in the hallway. There was a burst of flame that seemed to come in the opposite direction of how the guard would have been standing. But maybe I’m reading too much into it.

tomk:  That could have been the guard too. We didn’t see.

jimmy:  Yes, possibly. And that was probably the intent.

tomk:  That makes it more surprising when Zuko is unmasked. Even if he only saved Aang so he can capture the Avatar himself.

jimmy:  Yeah. And I only really thought it might have been him using the fire bending after the reveal. Likely was the guard.

tomk:  He really fooled you, Jimmy.

jimmy:  He did. And even after you planted the clue last chat.

tomk:  No wonder Aang offered to be his friend.

jimmy:  Which was not gracefully accepted.

tomk:  Zuko has some issues he needs to work through. At least, that’s probably what Iroh thinks.

jimmy:  He just needs to be the one who brings in the avatar. And he had no love for Zhao.

tomk:  Zhao seems like he’d fail the Jerk Test.

jimmy:  Fail?  Or get an A+?

tomk:  I dunno. It’s your test.

jimmy:  He’s a jerk either way.

tomk:  Even other Fire Nation people seem to think so.

jimmy:  That archer guy did…until Zhao got promoted.

tomk:  People hate jerks.

jimmy:  Most people. But sometimes not other jerks.

tomk:  Do you think Zhao is the type of jerk to be liked by other, lesser jerks?

jimmy:  I bet daddy fire bender likes him.

tomk:  Ozai might be the biggest jerk of them all.

jimmy:  There you go.

tomk:  I’m starting to think this world needs more heroes and less jerks.

jimmy:  There probably used to be until the Fire Nation decided to take over.

tomk:  Every place has heroes. Look at Canada. Wolverine.  Deadpool. Alpha Flight. Jim Carrey. Alex Trebek. The Polkaroo.

And of course…

jimmy:  The greatest of them all.

And I’m surprised you knew about the Polkaroo.

tomk:  You told me about him.

jimmy:  I knew it!

tomk:  I’m a bit jealous. I come from New Jersey.  Do you know who we got as our hero?

jimmy:  Everyone digs giant robots.

tomk:  Well, yes.  But he’s Jersey’s only hero.

jimmy:  You’re probably not attacking Jersey with Manhattan right next door.

tomk:  New York heroes don’t come to defend Jersey.

They think they’re too good for the place.

jimmy:  We’ll get Aang to talk to them.

tomk:  He has to save his own world first.

jimmy:  He can’t even save himself.

tomk:  He did save the Blue Spirit.

jimmy:  After the Blue Spirit saved him.  Mostly.

tomk:  It was a team effort!

jimmy:  Don’t tell Zuko!

tomk:  He might figure that out given time.

jimmy:  See…those guys could be best buds!

tomk:  Aang certainly thinks so. Besides, his other friends are delirious with fever and loaded down with stolen goods.

jimmy:  Oh Momo.

tomk:  Sokka may not have been the most delirious person there if Katara thought Momo could fetch anything.

jimmy:  He does seem genuinely smart.  Usually.

tomk:  Well, they’re always broke.  Some of that stuff might buy a lot of provisions.

jimmy:  Though it seemed to disappear in the final shot when Aang got back.

tomk:  Momo knows Aang would never let him keep that stuff,

jimmy:  Maybe Momo is related to Baby Groot.

tomk:  You mean the show didn’t show us how Momo came back with some dude’s nose or something?

jimmy:  Not specifically.

tomk:  Good.  That’s awfully dark for this show.

jimmy:  This show can be pretty dark at times. Even if only implied.

tomk:  True. Maybe it would lighten up if Momo stole a giant robot for Aang.

jimmy:  That would be awesome.

tomk:  I have it on good authority that you dig giant robots.

jimmy:  Who doesn’t?

tomk:  Probably not Zhao if one steps on him.

jimmy:  Hopefully one does.

tomk:  This show seems to have a distinct lack of giant robots.

jimmy:  It’s only season one.

tomk:  Yeah, sure. The Cabbage Man is probably building one.

jimmy:  Out of cabbage?

tomk:  Well, maybe fueled by cabbage.

jimmy:  Now you’re getting it!

tomk:  Getting what?  That you hate cabbage with the fire of a thousand suns?

jimmy:  Yes. And that fire can fuel the Cabbatron.

tomk:  So, you want cabbage now?

jimmy:  Only to fuel my Fire Nation destroying robot.

tomk:  Is Jet your co-pilot?

jimmy:  No no. My giant robot has a no jerks policy.

tomk:  You said your robot would destroy an entire nation.

jimmy:  Not literally. Geez, Tom.

tomk:  Well, good.  You don’t want to be declared a jerk by your own test.

jimmy:  That’s true. I’m just trying to return balance to the nations.

tomk:  You want Aang’s job now?

jimmy:  Only to help.

tomk:  Well, I am sure giant robots can only be used for good.

jimmy:  Was Stay Puft Marshmallow Man a robot?

tomk:  You wanna ask him?

jimmy:  Well, no.

tomk:  Not without some kind of sugarbender by your side.

jimmy:  Mmmm. Sugar bender.

tomk:  We got one of those in the Gabbing Geek cafeteria.

jimmy:  It’s the best.

tomk:  Certainty better than sucking on frozen amphibians.

jimmy:  Yeah, that was kinda gross.

tomk:  Don’t ask the crazy woman for cures…even if they work.

jimmy:  Once she said she was crazy, I was surprised he still went the frozen frog route.

tomk:  He didn’t have any other options.

jimmy:  Could have tried giving them the cat food.

tomk:  But that lacks the medicinal properties of frozen frogs.

jimmy:  According to a crazy person.

tomk:  They got well pretty quick from the looks of things.

jimmy:  Indeed. Maybe their sickness was all a hoax.

tomk:  You don’t think being stuck in a storm won’t get you a bad fever?  That fisherman might be dead for all you know.

jimmy:  He probably had a freezer full of them frogs.

tomk:  Does he have a freezer?  Should I ask what’s in yours?

jimmy:  A cooler then?

tomk:  Sure, Jimmy.

jimmy:  How else do the keep their frogs frozen?

tomk:  Very cold swamps?

jimmy:  There you go getting all technically right again.

tomk:  I listened to the crazy herbalist woman. Especially since she works with the sugarbender in the cafeteria and I want to make sure I get the right meal.

jimmy:  Smart.

tomk:  But that’s neither here nor there. Lots of characters on this show listen to older women.

jimmy:  As they should.

tomk:  So, should we see what woman they should listen to next?

jimmy:  That sounds like a segue!

tomk:  It could be unless you have more to say about Aang and Zuko’s Excellent Adventure.

jimmy:  It wasn’t bogus.

tomk:  In that case, how do you feel about fortunetellers?

jimmy:  They’re bogus?

tomk:  Well, one member of the Aang Gang agrees with you.  Ready to find out who?

jimmy:  Ready.

tomk:  Good. Time to read some tea leaves.

“The Fortuneteller”

The Aang Gang visits a village where people rely a little too much on the local fortuneteller.

jimmy:  So I tried for two days and no way would Netflix play this episode on my iPad.  I finally got to watch it by using my phone.  Ugh.  Could the fortuneteller have seen that coming?

tomk:  Aunt Wu sees all, Jimmy. She knew Secret Invasion was going to be bad.

jimmy:  She could have warned us!

tomk:  Would you have listened?

jimmy:  Probably not.

tomk:  Then stop complaining when she’s right.

jimmy:  Only if Sokka will.

tomk:  But Sokka understands science.

jimmy:  So do I!

tomk:  You understand science?

jimmy:  You don’t?

tomk:  I’m not something of a scientist, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Huh. Well, do you believe in fortune tellers?

tomk:  The last time I consulted one, about a decade or so ago, I was told I would soon meet a wise, funny, street smart Canadian with great financial success who would become my most valuable partner. And that’s when I met Ryan Reynolds at a convenience store bathroom. I would offer to show you the Deadpool 3 script I anonymously co-wrote, but Blake Lively said you’ll be happier if you don’t see it because of something she called the Gossip Girl Incident.

So I guess I do.

jimmy:  Huh.  And I was going to make a comment wondering if Aunt Wu was “correct” when she predicted that village wouldn’t be destroyed, but it’s hard to follow that up.

tomk:  I think Aunt Wu knows how well her predictions work judging by what she said to Aang at the end of the episode.

jimmy:  That he owed her $19.95 for the first minute and $2.95 for each additional minute?

tomk:  Katara said Aunt Wu doesn’t charge.

jimmy:  Odd that she would say that to Aang then.

tomk:  Aang had her figured out. He wasn’t loudly contradicting her like Sokka or a blind believer like Katara.

He just made a quiet observation about one of Aunt Wu’s predictions being made up.

jimmy:  A lot of it is ambiguous or coincidence, or just playing the percentages.  But I loved Sokka’s point with the red shoes.

tomk:  Sokka doesn’t get enough credit from people.

jimmy:  Maybe because he so often acts like a buffoon the rest of the time.

tomk:  Oh, and is he any less foolish than a man who dodges a platypus bear?

jimmy:  He had it all under control.

tomk:  The bear or the fool?

jimmy:  The fool apparently.

tomk:  Only because Appa showed up.

jimmy:  And then he laid an egg, as bears are known to do.

tomk:  The platypus does lay eggs.

jimmy:  So I see. How odd.

tomk:  It had a duckbill, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Yes. Just odd that a platypus lays eggs.

tomk:  They do, Jimmy. One of two mammals that do. The other is the spiny anteater.

jimmy:  That was that old guy’s nickname in high school.

tomk:  Probably back when Aunt Wu turned him down for the prom.

jimmy:  Would you want to go to prom with a guy named Spiny Anteater?

tomk:  I wouldn’t want to go to the prom with a guy, no.

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  I’d rather go to prom with Anne Hathaway.

jimmy:  Oh.  Good choice.

tomk:  Even if her nickname is Spiny Anteater.

jimmy:  Yes. Even if.

tomk:  By the by, Cousin Minka says Aunt Wu told her to never go to prom with you.  Something about a horrible antler accident.

jimmy:  Now it all makes sense.

tomk:  Of course it does.  Now enjoy your papaya.

jimmy:  I don’t know if I like papaya.

tomk:  Then don’t have it for breakfast.

jimmy:  Even if a fortune teller told me to?

tomk:  You said above you didn’t listen to fortunetellers.

jimmy:  Then I guess I won’t have papaya.

tomk:  Right.  I got just the thing for you.

jimmy:  Hmm. Papaya it is.

tomk:  That or you can have this plate of bacon and egg.  The egg came from a platypus bear.

jimmy:  Hmm. Papaya it is.

tomk:  Congratulations.  You are the new Papaya King.

The title is merely ceremonial.

jimmy:  Papayas for life!

tomk:  Well, you seem happy with your new title. I guess I will give Ryan the keys to the giant robot.

jimmy:  Maybe I should consult Aunt Wu on these kind of life decisions.

tomk:  Or you can rely on the opposite of your instincts.

jimmy:  It’ll probably work out either way.

tomk:  You may be right. Maybe you can be a fortuneteller.

jimmy:  I knew you were going to say that!

tomk:  You did correctly predict Lex Luthor would defeat Darkseid at the end of JLU.

jimmy:  I did?  I did!

tomk:  You did. Have a victory cake.

jimmy:  I knew I would get a cake!

tomk:  And a steak dinner?

jimmy:  Ah, um, of course!

tomk:  The main course.

jimmy:  I’ll need my strength to climb that volcano.

tomk:  Someone has to check those things.

jimmy:  So that guy that climbed up and got the first flower wasn’t like “oh man, that doesn’t look good, maybe I should tell someone”?

tomk:  He listened to Aunt Wu.

jimmy:  Maybe his reporting it is what would have saved the village.

tomk:  That was Aang’s job.

jimmy:  Sure, but how did that guy know?

tomk:  Aunt Wu told him.

jimmy:  …maybe.

tomk:  Those people were pretty helpless.

jimmy:  They’re not a powerful air bender.

tomk:  Or a 12 year old worried about his love life.

jimmy:  Is 12 too young to have a crush and wonder who he’s going to marry?

tomk:  Well…let’s just say the one plotline for this show I never much cared for was Aang’s love for Katara.  12 is fine to wonder about that, but he sometimes talks like he’s deeply in love and all that in a way that seems a little too old for the character.  Sokka or Zuko’s having girlfriends is fine.  Those guys are older.  Aang just feels too young to worry that much about that.

jimmy:  He had a lot of time to think about what he wanted in a girl while in that iceberg for 100 years.

tomk:  And he chose the first one he saw.

jimmy:  If he likes her he likes her.

tomk:  Were you that into a girl when you were 12, Jimmy?

jimmy:  12…that would be…grade 7.  I don’t remember specifically, but would have definitely been near or on the horizon.

tomk:  I dunno.  I’m not saying it’s wrong or something, just I don’t care for this one plotline.

jimmy:  Most shows have a love story.

tomk:  I know. I just can’t bring myself to care about Aang’s romantic problems.

jimmy:  That’s ok.

He probably doesn’t care about yours.

tomk:  I wouldn’t expect him to be. He has bigger problems to deal with.

jimmy:  Like cloud bending.

tomk:  Just like that. Or saving the village from its own silliness.

jimmy:  Aunt Wu said the village wouldn’t be destroyed and it wasn’t, so who’s silly now?

tomk:  I don’t know. I just think that’s an awful lot that can be read into these situations.

jimmy:  That’s how they work. Vague, mysterious, ambiguous, reading physical cues, emotional cues, name tags.

tomk:  Is that why you are still wearing those red shoes?

jimmy:  Nah. I already found my true love. Or so I’m told.

tomk:  Is your one true love the one who told you?

jimmy:  Yes.

tomk:  Then it must be true. Or else.

jimmy:  And I’m not a powerful air bender either. I break wind, but that’s a whole different thing.

tomk:  That explains some of the smells from your office.  I always assumed it was Wet Moose.

jimmy:  That too.

tomk:  Also, a strong smell of fresh donuts.

jimmy:  When we can keep Jenny at bay.

tomk:  Well, I think when we get to Jenny and the Donut Stash, it may be time to move on.

jimmy:  Mayhaps.

tomk:  Unless you have more to say about Aunt Wu or  Aang Vs the Volcano.

jimmy:  Nope.

tomk:  Then maybe we should let Sokka and Katara catch up with an old friend.

jimmy:  We should.

tomk:  In that case, we will.

NEXT TIME:  Tom and Jimmy will be back with more Last Airbender chat.  Be back soon when they cover the episodes “Bato of the Water Tribe” and “The Deserter.”