July 22, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 4”

Season Two, Episode Four.

Huh, this episode…I’m not sure much happened here.

For the most part, I find this show a bit of a warped delight.  The games are clever and the psychological effects they have on the characters are interesting.  This episode opens with the conclusion to Chishiya’s game with the Jack of Hearts, a game where he uses his wits to figure out who the Jack is based entirely on two people’s silent communication with snack foods, and how the only other remaining contestants are essentially criminals who can and will torture the Jack to get information.  One of them is a famous serial killer in that Chishiya recognizes the guy as a serial killer…and again, how did whoever is in charge of these games think no one would miss some of these people?

OK, maybe no one is exactly missing the serial killer.

The point is, the Chishiya plotline was very interesting and cool and everything I watch this show for.  It was clever, riveting, and tense.  And it wasn’t the entire episode, because soon the episode was running someone’s home movie footage of arrival in the borderlands, a but the episode did that twice when Arisu and Usagi found the footage near a lot of dead folks because that trigger-happy King of Spades.  The second time, there’s some more footage, something about how the fireworks brought people over, and Ann is in there doing…something.  What, I don’t know, but something.  But wait, people were here when Arisu and his friends arrived, and for all I know, more people are appearing there regularly.  Did everyone disappear at the same time?

It doesn’t much matter.  The rest of the episode seems to be Usagi and Arisu trying to capture and kill a rabbit for dinner (the bunny is too smart for them) before that roving King of Spades jackass shows up again.  How big is that guy’s territory?  And doesn’t he have better things to do than just shoot people?  His first appearance was cool enough, but he was actually on the ground for that.  Here it seems to be just some jerk shooting from afar, getting Arisu separated from Usagi, and she actually wants to live.

But hey, Aguni saved Arisu with a new friend, and that guy, well, he seems to be the kind of guy you might actually want on your side when dealing with a gun-toting loony.