March 2, 2024

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Succession “Connor’s Wedding”

Season Four, Episode Three.

Well, I didn’t see that coming.  The beauty of this series is I doubt anyone did.

And just like that, Logan Roy is dead.  Sure, there was a good chance that was always coming, but to have it happen on the third episode of the final season, and done as well as, well, anything else Succession has ever done is what makes the whole thing so good.

Especially because it all sneaks up on the audience.  It’s Connor’s wedding day, and Logan is not going to be there because the business is more important.  He has one more thing to heap on Roman, namely to fire Gerri at Connor’s wedding, something that twists his youngest son in knots.  It’s playing out very much like a standard episode of Succession.

And then Roman gets a phone call from Tom to say Logan has collapsed on his private jet mid-flight and doesn’t look good.

From there, it’s a long process of how the Roys (and other characters like Tom) react to Logan’s death.  This was always coming.  Logan’s health was something of a question mark back in the second or third episode.  That it comes so suddenly and hits everyone so hard, well, that’s where the drama comes in and comes in well with characters this fully realized.  Tom lets the Roy children (save Connor, more on him below) have a say to their presumably unconscious is not dead father over the phone, and it says a lot about how they all react.

Kendall this time maybe holds it all together best when he says he can’t forgive his father, but he can still love him.

Roman goes into denial and worries an angry voicemail killed the old man.

Shiv regresses to something like childhood, to say nothing of how her first wish was it was her mother instead.

Connor’s first words are that he didn’t think his father even really liked him.

You know, Connor has always been this weird guy whose behavior and actions seemed to distance him from everyone else, but this episode and the previous one have really shed light on how he was messed up in the first place.  He has maybe learned to live without love, and he does still get married to Willa at the end of the episode, but he likewise has a heart-to-heart with Willa, where he says he feels like he’s stealing her away due to the age difference and outright asks her if she’s marrying him for his money.  And, to her credit, she admits that it is a big reason why she is marrying him.  That might make this a far more honest relationship than any of the Roys have ever had.

But this is also Succession, so who will be the new Logan?  He never really set anyone up to succeed him, no doubt because he never really planned to step down.  Not really.  Whatever unity his children had before is probably going to go the way of the dodo while other executives (especially Tom) scramble to find something for themselves.

Plus, it looks like Cousin Greg is the one who accidentally leaked Logan’s death to the press.

That also means the kids have to draft and deliver a statement when they had, like, zero prep to do for this whole thing.

Oh well.  At least Connor looked happy for just a moment when he and Willa finished exchanging vows.  I somehow doubt there will be much more of that going forward.