April 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Fantastic Four #6 (January, 2019)

Dr. Doom is up to something involving Galactus.

The last Fantastic Four issue I read involved the wedding of Ben Grimm to Alicia Masters.  Then there was something about Dr. Doom announcing worldwide that he was going to save everyone from Galactus.  Now, I suppose it would have been possible to just imply the FF handled that mess between issues, but no.  This issue picks up to show the FF coming to Latveria just as Doom is about to throw down with Galactus.

That could go badly.

Issue:  Fantastic Four #6, January 2019

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist:  Aaron Kuder

The Plot:  Doom is up to something with Galactus.  And it probably won’t go well for someone.

Commentary:  There was a time, post the last Secret Wars, when Dr. Doom had his face fixed, Reed and Sue Richards were off repairing the multiverse, and Doom decided to become a good guy, even becoming the new “Iron Man” and joining the Avengers.  Now, I don’t actually have an issue with Doom as a hero or even an antihero.  There have been plenty of stories where Doom did something heroic, even if it was just to protect Latveria or something along those lines.  But that has happened.  My issue was, well, if Doom was an Avenger, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense because Doom is the kind of guy who fought whole Avenger teams.  Why, then, was he suddenly not powerful enough to take on most Avengers foes by himself?

Eh, it may not matter.  Here’s a Dr. Doom that seems to be the same vainglorious bad guy he always was, one who has a plan involving, well, a Herald of his own, a young Latverian girl he’s redubbed Lady Victorious and empowered with the Power Cosmic.  Doom’s plan, whatever it is, even took into account that Reed Richards would show up with his wife, brother-in-law, and best friend because of course Reed would.

What’s Doom’s plan?  I’m not sure, but he wants something that involved luring Galactus to Latveria.

As for the issue, I had fun with it.  Johnny tries flirting with Victorious, Ben grumbles that he gave up his honeymoon for this, and the citizens of Latveria…well, they don’t like the Fantastic Four very much, and I like the fact that the people seem to genuinely revere Doom.  Now, Doom’s plans never quite work out, but whatever it is, it’s nothing if not ambitious.

Grade:  B+