March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Fight Club”

Two identical women cause violence whenever they meet.

Wait, Kathy Griffin plays a pair of identical women that cause people to go crazy and fight each other when in their presence?  There’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere.

Randall “Tex” Cobb is in this one too.

The Case:  Identical Women Cause Trouble!

The Rest:  This episode honestly felt kinda slight.  It’s odd, but it has some interesting moments.  The whole thing seems to be about how Kathy Griffin is two women with nearly identical lives and absolutely identical in appearance.  When they get together, things happen.  People will start to fight and no one can stop them until, well, they can’t.  And disasters happen.  Why?

In all honesty, the episode isn’t really clear on that.  Scully actually takes charge even though Mulder brings the case in.  This comes after a fake-out when a pair of agents that look like Scully and Mulder, dubbed over by Duchuvny and Anderson, try to beat each other, agents that have from the looks of things, nearly identical careers to Mulder and Scully.  As for the actors there, Not-Mulder was Duchuvny’s stunt double and Not-Scully was Mitch Pileggi’s wife Arlene, who frequently appeared on the show as Skinner’s assistant.

Now, you would think the two Griffins would just move away and try something else, and they do.  But they always seem to move to the same town, take the same bizarre job, and then move on when they realize they are once again living nearby and the whole thing starts all over again.  But here Scully takes charge because, well, she calls out Mulder for being Mulder and actually does a good job because, you know, Scully is a good agent.

So, as both Griffins start a relationship with amateur pro-wrestler Cobb, he working under the assumption there’s only one of them and she’s his good lucky charm.

Why are these women like this?  Scully finds out the pair of them had a sperm donor for a father, namely the same one.  Scully finds the guy in a prison where he is easily the most irrationally angry man she’s ever met.  She also learns Cobb also had a long lost twin.  That’s good because the two Griffins are at the wrestling match despite Mulder’s best efforts, and the crowd is beating on each other.  This comes after Mulder was inexplicably sucked down a storm drain when he was dead center between the two Griffins.  I still don’t know how that happened.

Can Scully stop the violence if she brings the second Cobb to where the two Griffins are?  Actually, no.  Things start off that way, but then the two Cobbs start fighting, and there’s what is basically a riot.  Scully reports the whole inexplicable mess to a superior at episode’s end, mostly because they both got beat up and Mulder’s jaw is wired shut.  So…what do I make of all this?  I have no idea.

Up next, a genie.