February 27, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Thine Own Self”

Data loses his memory on a world that is only beginning to learn science.

Lt. Commander Data is a machine.  That means he can be put into unique situations that other characters on the show can’t, like lose his memory after a weird accident.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that in this very episode.  Also, Troi gets a promotion.

“Thine Own Self”

An amnesiac Data finds himself on a planet where science is just starting to take off.

jimmy:  So do I start with the fact they could speak English but not read it?  Or, even before her promotion, how the hell is Troi higher ranking than Worf?

tomk:  Worf keeps going AWOL to look for hints of lost family members.

jimmy:  Hmm. I suppose. He probably does have a few strikes on his record.

tomk:  Plus all those times he gets knocked out.

jimmy:  That’s probably one of the Lt Commander tests, try not to get knocked out.

tomk:  You can’t get promoted if you’re lying down on the job.

Besides, Worf ended up an ambassador, and Troi just married Riker.

jimmy:  You mean Meany Meany Poopy Face Riker.

tomk:  Huh.  He has been kind of an asshole for two episodes in a row.

jimmy:  Troi certainly wasn’t happy with him.

tomk:  She only had to murder Geordi to get that promotion.

jimmy:  I know he was just a hologram, but he didn’t seem to put up too much resistance.

tomk:  That’s because Hologram Geordi hates himself.

jimmy:  At least it’s ok for Hologram Geordi to date hologram women.

tomk:  Ironically, Hologram Geordi prefers flesh-and-blood women.

jimmy:  I was going to say the same thing. 🙂

tomk:  But you didn’t. That’s why you didn’t get promoted before to Geekius Commander.

jimmy:  I’m too cautious.

tomk:  Yeah, well, you’re at least better than the Gabbing Geek blacksmith.

jimmy:  Yeah, I don’t make pendants out of radioactive material.

tomk:  What about that plutonium watch band you gave Watson?

jimmy:  But I didn’t make it.

tomk:  Who did?

jimmy:  That guy from Friends.

tomk:  And you just gave it to Watson even though you knew better than that guy from Friends what it was made of?

jimmy:  Does it make it better that I pretend that I don’t know?

tomk:  I don’t know.

Did Watson have you arrested yet?

jimmy:  He’s too sick to use a phone.

tomk:  You tend to think he’s sick anyway.

jimmy:  True.

tomk:  But it sure was good of Data to first doom then cure those people.

jimmy:  He was hurt and didn’t know any better. At least he didn’t think wood was made of fire.

tomk:  Right.  Everybody knows that’s not how wood works.

See, if Data weighed as much as a Ferengi duck, that would mean he could float and was probably made out of wood.  He would then therefore be…

jimmy:  That makes more sense than it being heavy because it was made of rocks.

tomk:  Look, Jimmy, the new learning happening on that planet should amaze you.  Did they tell you how they deploy sheep’s bladders to prevent earthquakes?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  Well, good.  Data probably pointed out that it didn’t work before he got shish-kabobbed.

jimmy:  Data should have used his ice man powers to smite them after the first encounter.

tomk:  Then he could call in his amazing friends.

jimmy:  On a side note, I’ve been watching that show…it is dreadful.

tomk:  It’s only the best Marvel cartoon of the 80s, Jimmy.

jimmy:  God. I hope not.

tomk:  There wasn’t much competition.

jimmy:  Evidently.

tomk:  So, what you’re saying is you don’t want Data to call Spider-Man for help?

jimmy:  I’m not saying that…

tomk:  Well, too bad. Spidey needs to deal with dangerous weirdos in the suburbs.

jimmy:  Please Spidey, take care of these guys.

tomk:  You have a problem with the guy who is just taking the trash to the curb?

jimmy:  I have a problem with anyone involved with this video.

tomk:  Fair enough. Have a cupcake and a Geiger counter.

jimmy:  It’s a good thing Data didn’t forget how to do the science.

tomk:  He just forgot everything else.

jimmy:  I know they blamed Data for making them sick (and in a way they were right) but they were awfully barbaric about the whole thing. One guy hit Data in the face with a shovel and another ran him through with a giant spear.

tomk:  That last guy’s actions were quite shocking.

jimmy:  Was that a pun?

tomk:  Potentially.

jimmy:  It was good then.

tomk:  Fortunately for Data, the healer woman listened to him even after he repeatedly told her she was wrong about everything.

jimmy:  And then he “poisoned” the water hole.

tomk:  Better sound the alarm.

jimmy:  Or just impale Jayden.

tomk:  Jayden doesn’t hold a grudge.

jimmy:  Or remember.

tomk:  Data sure is forgetful this episode.

jimmy:  And everyone will forget it happened next episode.

tomk:  I’m sure that’s not true.  That planet will probably forever tell tales of the weird iceman.

jimmy:  Fine. Everyone on the Enterprise will forget it happened next episode.

tomk:  Will you remember?

jimmy:  Probably not.

tomk:  Jimmy, your memory worries me.  Were you involved in some sort of rodeo accident?

jimmy:  I don’t remember.

tomk:  Well, that checks out.

Do you remember anything?

jimmy:  I remember Picard almost not appearing in this episode.

tomk:  Apparently, Patrick Stewart was doing a play at the time.

jimmy:  That sounds plausible…but made up.

tomk:  No, Watson is made up.

jimmy:  I knew it!

tomk:  He’s really an iceman named Jayden.

jimmy:  Should we shish-ka-bob him?

tomk:  No.

He’s expensive.

jimmy:  More expensive than Data?

tomk:  Let’s say as expensive.

jimmy:  We paid too much.

tomk:  Or he really is Watson and you were being tested.

jimmy:  It’s season 7, don’t ruin Trek now.

tomk:  Jimmy, it’s a trial. The trial never ends. Just ask the ultimate judge.

jimmy:  If I had to pick anyone in Trek to be Watson in disguise, there’s your guy.

tomk:  So, you want Watson to have god-like powers?

jimmy:  God no.  But he’s got the attitude down pat.

tomk:  That seems like an awfully cruel thing to say about Q.

jimmy:  If the Q fits…

tomk:  Should I ask who the least likely person to be Watson in disguise is?

jimmy:  Hmm. Spot?

tomk:  Good answer.

jimmy:  For the future’s sake, hopefully none of them are Watson in disguise.

tomk:  He’d be very old by then.

jimmy:  You think that stops pure evil?

tomk:  That seems like a bit of an extreme description of Watson.

jimmy:  Just the “pure” maybe.

tomk:  I would think Watson is just an annoying presence that doesn’t respect all things Canadian.

jimmy:  Yes.  Evil.

tomk:  Fine.  What does this have to do with Data or Troi?

jimmy:  He would have poisoned the water hole and been an easy choice for Troi to send in the Jeffries tube?

tomk:  Judges?

jimmy:  Phew!

tomk:  You’ve gotten lucky with the judges lately.

jimmy:  Bound to run out sooner or later.

tomk:  They’ll probably just sentence you to the collection of radioactive hunks of metal.

You know, when your luck runs out.

jimmy:  Hopefully Data is around to MacGyver up an antidote.

tomk:  We’ll see.

But what if Data was the problem and not the solution?

jimmy:  Or if he was the problem and the solution?

tomk:  Well, here he is. Other times, he’s more of the problem.

jimmy:  Why do you hate Data, Tom?

tomk:  I don’t. I’m trying to segue.

jimmy:  To another Data episode?

tomk:  Well, not quite. Probably more of a Picard episode that lets Brent Spiner show off a bit.

jimmy:  They do like to let him do that.

tomk:  Are you curious or do you want to talk about the scene in this episode that totally happened when Data fought Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon?

jimmy:  I don’t know what you’re talking about, so maybe we should move on.

tomk:  Your memory must be getting worse. Moving on it is!

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