April 18, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Ah, Love!”

Season Three, Episode Five

Hey, Jane Lynch’s Sazz is back to smack some sense into Charles over the Joy thing.  Plus, Andrea Martin’s Joy is the episode narrator.  I think I’m gonna like this one.

Wait, I did like this one.  The three leads each go on a date even if Mabel didn’t quite figure out it was a date and not a stake-out until she got there.  OK, Charles doesn’t actually go out, but he does have a night with a woman that means a lot to him…namely Sazz because Charles is uncertain how to question Joy about the fact her missing lipstick appeared to write a death threat to Ben in his dressing room.

So, how did everyone’s night go?


Oh, Charles was having second thoughts about marrying Joy, and Sazz’s sudden arrival means he gets a reprieve of sorts after Sazz comes by for her first visit of the season to maybe talk some sense into him.  He had already (and very badly) tried to ask Joy about the lipstick, a move that just offended her.  Now, Joy is a sweetheart of a character, a daffy older woman who seems to be a pretty good match for the high strung Charles.  Much better than his previous girlfriend who turned out to be the season one murderer (Sazz is talking to her apparently).  As it is, what should be a good night where Charles realizes he really does want to marry Joy goes badly because he’s terrible at explaining as much without offending her even more, particularly since it turns out Charles had popped Ben good on opening night.  Joy breaks up with Charles, at least for now.


Mabel went out with documentation Tobert to stake out a suspect, one member of the cast who Tobert had already decided wasn’t guilty for reasons.  Instead, it’s a date, not a stakeout, and it does reveal clues anyway.  Tobert, as a character, doesn’t interest me.  Then again, it might just be the series hasn’t done a good job of making Mabel’s love interests more distinctive as characters.  Oliver and Charles date these more comedic figures that are charming and funny, but Mabel goes out with serious people who aren’t as interesting.  Tobert probably won’t be back for season four, so why should I care much about him?  Even as the pair seem to be getting…somewhere, I just don’t see this one lasting beyond the season.  Besides, for all I know, Tobert is the killer.


Oliver might be having the best night with Loretta, whose life seems like she really is Meryl Streep and not just played by her, only a Meryl Streep whose acting skills were somehow working against her instead of in her favor. Though Loretta’s attempts to cook dinner cost Oliver a tooth, the night actually goes very well.  Loretta has some suspicious moments when she repeats the words from the lipstick threat, but it’s mostly an enchanting night for Oliver as all his romantic dreams with this woman seem to be coming true…until he finds Loretta’s rather extensive scrapbook of Ben stories.  And since the episode ends with that reveal, it does seem likely that she’s the suspect for the next episode that will probably be cleared, but not before Oliver makes things worse for himself after he made them better.

Why is Mabel the only one who seems to be getting anywhere with the least interesting romantic match in the episode?  I just hope Charles and Joy make-up.  I’m adding Andrea Martin to my mental list of “actresses you should never make upset because she seems to sweet and/or awesome.”