July 22, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 2”

Season Two, Episode Two

OK, I think I have some questions.

Well, one.

The episode’s cold open shows a band playing for what looks like a packed house, and these guys are the King of Clubs and his sidekicks.  So…did no one notice what looks like a popular rock band just disappeared?  Because I would think someone might have noticed if a popular rock band just disappeared.  I mean, they may not have been the Japanese version of the Beatles or anything, but that was a pretty big crowd there to see them.

And then I spend the entire episode seeing far more of the King of Clubs than I might otherwise have.  And if I was impressed by the way the camera moved to prevent me from seeing that guy’s junk before, I was even moreso when he appears for the entire episode.

Anyway, it’s a team game.  There’s a point system, one involving a home base and gambling, and hey, the King’s team is pretty well-matched with Arisu’s.  And while Arisu’s team starts off well, they have a parkour guy who makes Usagi  and a martial artist that can smack Kuina around.  Essentially, it comes down to the fact the King’s team is actually good at teamwork and willing to sacrifice themselves while Arisu’s team includes a somewhat timid Tatta and a guy who tried to rape Usagi, Niragi, and he’s spitting up blood as it is.

Quite frankly, this is an episode that has a lot of neat thrills and one guy’s bare ass.  About all Arisu learns is, well, the games are all to the death now against “citizens” of the world, whatever that means.

It also means I don’t have much to say.  Oh well.