May 27, 2024

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The Afterparty “Grace”

Season Two, Episode Two

Alright, time to actually dig into the murder case, and this time, with a genre that actually can be replicated in a show like this and not like the romcom thing they’s done twice so far.

Yes, it’s time to look at the bride and her side of the story, one involving a more Jane Austen-y setting.

By the by, I know that this show generally pulls in a good cast of comedic heavy-hitters, and there are a couple very recognizable faces in this second season…but Grace actor Poppy Liu doesn’t have a particularly long resume.  Oh, they get steady acting work, often reoccurring characters in different shows (they did four episodes of Better Call Saul but I don’t recall seeing them there unless they were one of those women of ill-repute that hung around Nacho’s house), but this seems to be what could be their big break.

Then again, I don’t know how much attention any Apple TV+ show that isn’t Ted Lasso gets.

Regardless, Grace’s story is a regency romance, one where the cast dresses and even largely speak like people from a Jane Austen adaptation, but a helicopter might pop in to drop someone off or pick them up.  Grace has some explanations for some things, and I do recall enough about this show to say that Danner will think someone is guilty (or sounds that way) until she gets more of the story.  Then again, season one ended with a big reveal that Danner was able to piece together that one of the partygoers was lying based on information from everyone else’s story.  If that happens again, I’m gonna be mighty impressed.

Grace, though, doesn’t look too guilty at present, but that may be due to who’s questioning her.  Danner recruited Aniq to help (he’s a bit surprised), and then Zoe volunteers to try and protect her sister.  In fact, Zoe goes to start her own investigation when Danner finally has enough, one with blackjack!  And hookers!  OK, neither of those things, but she does get help from Grace’s weird ex Travis, a man who threatened the equally weird groom Edgar.

Now, Danner doesn’t exactly exonerate anyone over the course of the episode, but that tracks.  I’ll just make some notes here that seem important:  Travis was invited as a courtesy and was never expected to show up, Grace got along fabulously well with Edgar’s adopted sister Hannah but not so much his mother Isabel, Uncle Ulysses was not as welcome to Grace as he appeared to be, and she was in love with Edgar despite what Zoe thought.  The pills she ground up were prescription Adderall, pills Edgar had taken before with no ill effect, to keep Edgar awake since he apparently does not have the ability to stay awake past 9PM, and that’s no fun on a wedding night.

Yeah, Edgar is weird even beyond that lizard thing.

He also makes for a remarkably unhelpful corpse as Zoe and Travis try to use his face to unlock his phone and look for clues, but Travis has his interrogation to deal with next episode.