July 22, 2024

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Alice In Borderlands “Episode 1”

Season Two, Episode One

I’ll say this for this often batspit insane show:  it doesn’t exactly come up with original episode titles.  This is the second “Episode 1.”

Actually, here’s a question:  how is there anyone still alive in this alternate world?  It seems like every episode features scores of people dying sudden and violent deaths.  Anyway, with the card thing is still going, and now it’s time for the face cards to come out.  That means, well, maybe stay out of the King of Spades territory, one that seems to be the entire city of Tokyo.  And this guy is basically Batman with a whole lotta guns.  He’s basically blowing away all those nameless background characters, and the first few seem to explode so…what the hell kinda gun was he using?

Now, naturally, name characters need to survive, at least for now.  Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, join Tatta and Ann in a running car while cool-as-a-cucumber Chishiya heads off by himself.  And yes, Ann, a nearly coldblooded character as it is, of course can drive like a member of the Toretto Family.  So can the King of Spades, but I did like how he got a car for himself.  As Tatta drove off (Ann switched places with him when things got extra hairy), a second car with four more people followed.  They were contemplated what to do next when they were all shot one by one in a mostly dark comedic way because the King was on the roof the whole time.

And the resulting car chase was cool as hell.  That ended with an accident, everyone got away, but Ann was separated from the others.

So, here’s the problem:  the King of Spades didn’t exactly give anyone instructions or anything about how game was played.  He just showed up and started shooting.  Arisu believes the face cards might be the gamemasters who can answer questions, a king probably knows more than the other facecards, and the best option is to try the King of Clubs’s game since it involves teamwork and not physical prowess.

OK, they need a fifth player, but Beach psycho Niragi is there, and he’s already wearing one of the bracelets.  Might as well go into the zone and meet the mysterious and powerful King of Clubs and his crew of formidable…

Wait, those guys look like a bunch of unimpressive slackers.  Except the King.  He shows up naked.

At least he’s not carrying a gun and shooting indiscriminately at everyone.

By the by, good camera work here as I keep seeing this guy’s bare ass, but the camera always moves when he turns around so I never see his junk.  Then again, this guy is clearly kinda crazy because he says clothes are a social construct that don’t actually do anything, proving he’s never been outside when it’s cold or stepped on a Lego.  If he wasn’t probably so dangerous, I might think the show’s protagonists might have an easy time of it in the next episode.

That would be different.