February 27, 2024

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Ted Lasso “Do The Right-est Thing”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Wait…is there an ongoing plot to this show?  I mean, I know there are ongoing plot elements, but it hit me as this episode played out that this might be more of an episodic sort of show than I usually cover here.

How refreshing.

OK, it’s not as if there aren’t ongoing plotlines, but they don’t seem to last very long or are rarely the main focus of the episode.  The team has still to win or lose a game.  Jamie’s back, and much of this episode’s plot deals with how none of the other players seem to want him to be there.  He insulted a lot of people on the team, and even though he’s trying to be a good teammate, he’s hearing back from everyone, and some of what’s said only really works if you speak French.

That might have been my favorite joke from the episode.

As it turns out, there is a way to get Jamie back on the side of the rest of the team.  He’s doing everything right, not being the cranky showboat who walked around like his poo didn’t stink, apologizing, taking a backseat rule, listening to Ted, and Ted’s trying to help by bringing out “Led Tasso,” Ted’s idea of a mean coach.

Led Tasso is not all that effective in the grand scheme of things, but he scares both Ted and Coach Beard.

On the other hand, I am curious when Roy became Rebecca’s mentor.  Stuck with Sassy’s daughter for a few days, Rebecca doesn’t know what to do until Roy, watching his niece, tells her that the key isn’t to try and entertain the girl but to just do what she was normally going to do and invite Nora to come along.  That, apparently, always works.  Besides, Roy objects to trying to entertain children at all.  That didn’t happen when he was a kid…

However, Ted Lasso is still a feel-good show, so when Sam wants to object to his appearing in an ad for an airline that is owned by an oil company that keeps ruining his homeland of Nigeria because of a corrupt government, it does come down to the other characters rallying around Sam.  That means Rebecca won’t fire him, Nora wants a picture with him (he’s her favorite player apparently), Ted lets Sam speak out about it at the post-game press conference, and the other players, including Jamie, tape over the airline’s name on their team jerseys.  Rallying around a guy is a good way to get on their good side.

Oh, and the team lost a game, and that means the tie streak is over, and now they can celebrate apparently.  I dunno.  I’m still not sure if there’s any sort of serial storytelling going on here.