July 23, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “The Beat Goes On”

Season Three, Episode Two

OK, I am not expecting Paul Rudd to appear in every episode since he’s, you know, Paul Rudd and probably busy, but if they are going to continue to play up the fact Ben Glenroy is both kinda nasty, the opposite of Rudd’s public persona, and a man who looks younger than he is, like Rudd actually does, then I won’t mind too much.

So, Ben died in the building.  That means the trio can do a podcast about him, but it looks like it’s mostly Mabel and Charles are in on it at first.  Mabel holds Ben in his regard because a show he used to do called Girl Cop about teenage policemen helped Mabel get over the death of her father.  Charles, meanwhile, is something of as suspect because Ben hated him.  Turns out Charles got Ben fired from Brazzos inadvertently years earlier.  He didn’t even remember.  Naturally, the pair get asked for help from Gregg, a man claiming to be Ben’s security guy.

Yeah, I said “claiming” since he wasn’t actually security so much as a stalker fan who essentially wanted to torture a confession out of Charles.  Mabel just happened to be along for the ride.  Fortunately, the cops show up since Gregg is a top suspect.

That also means Gregg is probably innocent since this show would never telegraph a killer that obvious at this point in the season.

Besides, this season seems to be focused on Oliver.  Season One was for the ensemble with a special focus on Mabel since she knew the victim.  Charles got more of the spotlight in the second.  True, all three get a plotline for every season, but this is the season that could lead to Oliver’s Broadway comeback.  He’d like to get the show back on the road, and the play was maybe not going well anyway.  It gets to the point where Oliver has a mild heart attack when he learns a prominent theater critic was planning on panning his show.

So, he has a love interest, a chance to get his rep back, and his show was a disaster for reasons both in-line and beyond his control.  He probably should slow down.  Instead, he’s going to revamp the show into a musical since, well, it was apparently ridiculous to begin with.  That was inspired by the Cabaret-ish dream of Charles, Mabel, and his son Will telling him not to give up, and that just makes me think Selena Gomez looks good in sequins.

This may be a good time to stop.  All I suspect is that Oliver should probably not get involved if his health is on the line but he probably will anyway.