May 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Punisher #6 (September, 2022)

Frank Castle takes on the God of War.

Frank Castle, the master killer of the Hand, is wanted by another entity altogether.

Can the Punisher defeat the God of War?  Probably not, but he can try.

Issue:  Punisher #6, September 2022

Writer:  Jason Aaron

Artists:  Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta

The Plot:  Punisher vs Ares?  Sure.

Commentary:  In many ways, Aaron’s run has been about the soul of Frank Castle, or what’s left of it.  The Hand claim he’s always been their Butcher.  Ares says he’s one of theirs.  And the Hand is currently winning simply because they managed to resurrect his late wife Maria.  Their kids?  That’s been a bit more problematic.  However, Frank has been using the Hand to fight his War on Crime, and the Hand doesn’t care.  They just like killing and don’t mind if it’s Frank’s personal targets, though Frank has been getting more and more antsy even as he seems to channeling powers from the Hand’s God of Murder.

So, does that mean he can stand up to the Greek God of War, Ares?  You know, a deity who also claims Frank as his servant?  Of course not!  Frank tries fighting a god with guns and swords, and even if the first gun is a gamma-radiation powered handcanon, that’s still something that won’t really hurt the God of War.

Though Ares seems to have what looks like Frank’s former chest insignia on his own chest.  I know there was a skull there for a while, but it does look a lot like the one Frank gave up.

Frank doesn’t do too well here, but the issue implies a rematch is possible, but there’s something else to deal with in the next issue.  The flashbacks show Frank in “Vietnam” (whatever fictional war Marvel is using these days to make sure Frank doesn’t age too much), and these scenes have worked well to basically show Frank Castle was always kinda messed up.  Regardless, good stuff here,a and the next issue has another guest star who knows the Hand very well…

Grade:  A-