July 19, 2024

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The X-Files “The Sixth Extinction”

Mulder is psychic but maybe dying. Scully is in Africa. Why? I don't know.

OK, season seven.  Conspiracy stuff despite the fact the Syndicate is allegedly all dead.  Mulder in the crazy house.  Scully is looking at a UFO on the Ivory Coast.

Here’s the real mystery:  do I still care about this stuff?

The Case:  Can I Get A Monster-Of-The-Week Episode Instead?

The Rest:  As it is, I am still mostly enjoying this show, but the conspiracy stuff has pretty much run its course.  I figured out last time Mulder was somehow suddenly psychic, and this episode, as far as he goes, is mostly there to prove to everyone else that he’s psychic.  That involves bringing back the long absent Michael Kritschgau whose CIA background knows how to treat Mulder, making Mulder coherent long enough to tell Skinner a few things, including that Mulder is aware that Skinner has been compromised by Krycek’s nanites.

Then Fowley shows up, takes Mulder off the medication that was working, and in the most contrived speech the character could possibly give, says she is aware that Mulder is psychic, but she won’t let him die because she loves him and thinks they can be together now.

Right, because Mulder will totally go for the woman who betrayed him by working for the Smoking Man, something that he is well aware of and she confessed to anyway.

Besides, he only wants Scully.  She’s looking into a downed UFO that has religious texts written into the side alongside the human genome because…I guess they couldn’t come up with anything else in the writers room.  Does it mean anything?  Probably.  It maybe can raise the dead, causing one Dr. Barnes to murder his native driver to test that theory since it worked on bugs.  Since Barnes killed a different citizen of the Ivory Coast in the previous episode, can I just ask that this guy please stop killing black men?

I mean, his driver did come back as an angry zombie, and for an episode that seems to be combining science with mysticism that mostly bored me, that was kinda cool.

But Scully decides to go back to America and tell Mulder that there are answers, maybe with a character called the “Primitive African Man,” who also seemed kinda cool in a weird way, but man, did this episode not do much for me.  Please, no more conspiracy stuff!  It’s played out!

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