December 6, 2023

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The X-Files “Biogenesis”

The best season so far comes to an end.

Well, that missing baseball episode aside, here I am at what I think might have been the best season of The X-Files so far.  I know the next one is the last one that had David Duchovny as more than just the occasional guest star until the revival.  And six was the one that was made when Duchovny convinced the show to move from Vancouver to L.A. so he could be closer to his then-wife.  But how would this season go out?

The Case:  A Relic With Writing On It!

The Rest:  You know, for all that I was getting into this sixth season, with a lot of good character-based episodes, creative chances, and the like, it would go out in what may be the most forgettable season finale cliffhanger yet.  As Scully points out to Mulder, he learned and revealed the truth and brought down the Syndicate to which I say…he did?  Is all that stuff public knowledge now?  I have no idea.  There are a few characters who pop back into this one that I barely remember, and I am watching this show nearly daily.

What happens here?  Some old artifact is found off the Ivory Coast, a professor who believes life came from other planets looks at it, it fuses with a similar piece and flies into his Bible.  There’s also writing on it.

Then the professor goes to see a colleague in the United States, but the guy’s a fake, there’s a murder, a cover-up, the real colleague goes on the run, and Skinner puts Mulder and Scully on the case even though no one knows there’s a murder yet.

Except Mulder kinda does because he’s kinda telepathic now?

Yeah, for all that the Syndicate was supposedly killed off, the surviving members–Diana Fowley, Alex Krycek, and in the end of the Smoking Man–are up to something again.  What?  I don’t know.  More importantly, I am not sure I care.  Mulder goes insane and Fowley has him locked up because he’s turning violent.  Supposedly.  Skinner is in on it, but Krycek was blackmailing him anyway, and whatever is making Mulder hear thoughts is also causing debilitating headaches.  That means Scully is running an investigation more or less alone.  She’s convinced Skinner and Fowley are lying to her, that other scientist was killed by Krycek, and…I just don’t care.

Not even when Scully goes to the Ivory Coast alone because the artifact, when fused, was found off the coast of Africa, had writing on it in Navajo, and was translated to a verse from the Book of Genesis plus some coordinates took her to the site of a crashed alien ship.

Really, the conspiracy should have been just finished by now.

Up next, they try to make me care again.