July 20, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Robin #1 (July, 2023)

Tim Drake and Jason Todd have bad dreams too apparently.

Well, this summer event has been hit or miss so far.  Some of these two-parters have worked better than others.  Oh, but Damien Wayne was seen doing something to fight Insomnia by somehow staying awake.  Surely that means following up on him and how well that worked…

Eh, this one is about Tim Drake and Jason Todd.

Issue:  Knight Terrors: Robin #1, July 2023

Writer:  Kenny Porter

Artist:  Miguel Mendonca

The Plot:  Tim Drake fears one thing while Jason Todd fears another.  Neither is shocking.

Commentary:  You know what I want more than anything?  You know, besides the fact this should be Knight Terrors: Robins?  How about some ground rules?  This issue opens with Jason, Tim, and Barbara Gordon (doing the Oracle thing) all chatting about what was happening for a standard Gotham City night when Insomnia’s attack comes through and they all fall asleep.

Don’t get too attached to Barbara.  She’s not in the rest of this issue.  Instead, Tim and Jason are in the same dream for some reason.  I’ve seen this here and here a couple times.  Are all the characters in different dreams or the same one?  Can you cross from one dream to another?  Batman, for example, his dream looked like a solo work.  Black Adam was in a special category.  Mary Marvel figured out how to go to other dreams on her own.  Meanwhile, there’s this issue and the Poison Ivy special where people just wander into each other’s dreams.  Maybe there are rules.  I would like to know what those are.

Regardless, Tim and Jason are in the same dream before they’re separated to each endlessly relieve the same individual nightmares over and over.  For Tim, that’s seeing Captain Boomerang murder his father over and over again.  For Jason, it’s a crowbar welding Joker, but every time Jason kills one, more Jokers appear.

Is this scary or deep or revelatory about either character?

Not really, no.

It’s just kinda “meh”.  And that is all I want to say about this comic.

Grade:  C