May 22, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 6”

Season One, Episode Six,

OK, so the Hatter is the Big Bad for the series outside of whoever set up these killer games, right?

Um, no.

OK, to be fair, the series had set up that the militant security guys as pretty bad, particularly as they were the only ones allowed to carry weapons.  Naturally, when Hatter turns up dead after presumably losing a game, it means there needs to be a new leader for the Beach.  Will it be his #2?  Aw hell no!  I don’t even know what that guy’s name is.  It’s actually Aguni, the muscular guy who led the militants.  That’s actually pretty easy to do when you’ve got all the weapons.

But wait!  What about the cards in the leader’s safe?  What if someone stole them?

That’s what bleach blonde Chishiya proposes to Arisu and Usagi.  Considering all the people Arisu spoke to about how they all got there seemed to turn up dead in a dumpster, sticking around may not be a good idea.  Sure, Chishiya seems kinda shifty, but his gal pal Hikari seems cool.  She even feels guilty when it turns out Chishiya set Arisu up to be caught.

Oh yeah, that happened.  Aguni isn’t even hiding how evil he is when he addresses the other people present and tells them he’ll be happy to let them die for him.  His henchmen might be even worse since one guy tries (and fortunately fails) to rape Usagi.


Well, Arisu is just killed outright, right?  Actually, no.  He’s tied up in a room and left unable to play the game since his visa is almost up.

Oh, that’s much worse.

Maybe he’ll survive the game after all.  Turns out the resort is a big arena, and when one resident turns up dead, everyone is trapped inside with a new game to figure out who the murderer is.  Oh, and it’s for the last card.  All they gotta do is toss the killer onto a bonfire.

Oh, I can’t see how this could go wrong.

I kinda love this batspit show.