July 20, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Danger Street #7 (July, 2023)

The various characters start to actually meet up. Will this story all come together somehow?

Danger Street has featured a lot of different characters seemingly doing different things.  How does whatever the New Gods are doing connect to the Outsiders and whoever hired the Manhunter to take down the Green Team?

I may find out.  All I know is Dr. Fate’s helmet is not the most direct of narrators.

Issue:  Danger Street #7, July 2023

Writer:  Tom King

Artist:  Jorge Fornés

The Plot:  Characters start meeting as the mystery, well, gets no clearer but no foggier either.

Commentary:  I am working off the assumption that somehow the various plots, from Starman and Warlord’s failed attempt to get into the Justice League to the Creeper’s being in the story to whatever the New Gods are trying to stop after Atlas died, will somehow all come together in some way in the end.  That won’t happen until characters start coming together as seen in this issue when Dingbat Non-fat is locked in a jail cell with Warlord and the two get to talking.  It actually mostly works, but Non-fat says something about what Starman said when the other Dingbats had briefly captured him, but I don’t recall a conversation along those lines.

Warlord, for his part, basically says he had no desire to join the Justice League and was mostly doing Starman a favor.  That…actually fits.  Why would Travis Morgan want to join the Justice League.  He’s, like, the ruler of an other dimensional world.  That makes no sense.

Meanwhile, Lady Cop wants to interview the Commodore about his potential role in another Dingbat’s murder, and about all she gets is a chance to chat with Jack Ryder.

It’s basically an issue where the characters get a chance to talk to each other, except perhaps for Manhunter as his latest target actually had a plan for him.  Will all these plots come together in the end?  Well, maybe, but I don’t think I am reading it for that reason.  I mostly just like the character work.

Grade:  B-