September 24, 2023

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The X-Files “One Son”

Jeffrey Spender chooses a side.

So, I remember watching this one and thinking that this would be a good place to mostly drop the conspiracy storyline.

Instead, well…

The Case:  Resetting The Status Quo!

The Rest:  There’s just this sense of finality to this whole thing.  Cassandra Spender is taken away, Mulder and Scully are on suspension, and when Scully insists to Diana Fowley that she be allowed to see Cassandra because she’s a medical doctor, Fowley responds  by saying she’s suspended by the FBI.

Dude, did they also suspend Scully’s medical license?  Because I don’t think they can.

See, here’s the thing:  this episode ends with most of the Syndicate dead, both Cassandra and Jeffrey, and Mulder and Scully back on the X-Files, under Skinner’s direction and presumably I will never see Kersh again.  It’s all about the Smoking Man trying to tempt, like, all the male cast or something to join him on the space ark with the alien colonists because selling out the rest of the human race for themselves and their families was much better than trying Bill Mulder’s plan of vaccinating humanity instead, or maybe even teaming up with the Faceless Rebels to fight the colonists.

Like, why does the Smoking Man think Mulder or Jeffrey will join up with him when they both hate him?

At least Scully and the Lone Gunmen almost convinced Mulder that Fowley was dirty.  Finding the Smoking Man in her place was probably better evidence, but Mulder has been quicker to believe people were bad just for being in the same room as that guy.  Besides, even Scully is there to remind everyone that Mulder doesn’t usually trust anyone, but he trusts Fowley, despite the fact that she doesn’t actually do anything at the FBI.

So, the Syndicate are dead save for Fowley, Krycek, and the Smoking Man…so how is the ongoing conspiracy story supposed to work from here?  The Smoking Man can’t be a one-man conspiracy, and Krycek kinda sucks at what he’s supposed to be doing.  The conspiracy has more or less been explained.  Unless Scully and Mulder are going to somehow stop an alien invasion by themselves, what’s the point of the conspiracy from here?  That’s what I remember more or less thinking when I saw this one the first time, and just doing monster-of-the-week episodes would have been fine by me.

Instead, well…Smoking Man will be back.  Even in the revival seasons.

Oh well.

Up next, just your standard tentacle monster.