November 29, 2023

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The X-Files “S.R. 819”

Mulder and Scully race to find who poisoned Skinner with a mystery concoction.

Hey, remember when the series set up this U.S. Senator as a possible inside source for Mulder?  I think that was back in season two or so.  Anyway, Raymond J. Barry is back as that guy.  Not exactly a guy I’ve seen very often.  This is, what, his third appearance?

The Case:  Skinner Is Dying!

The Rest:  Skinner may be dying, and that all comes down to the fact a mystery person, using a scientist working for the senator, slipped a mystery substance to Skinner, one that an electronic voice tells him will kill him in 24 hours.  That means Mulder is looking for the suspect, some Winter Soldier-lookin’ mofo, while Scully searches for a cure or at least an explanation.

Cutting to the chase, Krycek did it.  The disease is caused by nanites.  And Krycek has a remote control to keep Skinner under control for…reasons unknown because that’s how the episode ends.

I suppose that is the only way Krycek could get one up on anybody now that I think about it.  He would have to cheat.

Also, actor Nicholas Lea’s name wasn’t listed until the closing credits, so good on the show for that.

Regardless, it’s sort of a mythology episode, so it may go somewhere.  Or it may not.  All I know is Mulder trusted a character played by Raymond J. Barry.  That’s never a good idea.

In the meantime, it felt like a wheel-spinning episode where Skinner was attacked as leverage against Mulder or because of The X-Files or because Mulder is paranoid and thinks everything is about him.  Really, Mulder, sometimes things are about other people.  Like, Krycek wants leverage because…I dunno, he’s tried of Mulder slapping him around.  Probably why he wore that wig and fake beard.

Will that amount to anything beyond the season-ending cliffhanger?  Probably not.

Up next, immortality is a bitch.