March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “The Rain King”

Mulder and Scully investigate a lovelorn weatherman who can influence the weather.

Alright, season six has been this rather cool mix of interesting concepts and awesome guest stars.  I’ve seen bodyswapping, Nazis in real-time, and the dynamic duo of Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner.  I got a Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston creative collaboration.  I got Bruce Campbell.  What do they have for me this time?

Victoria Jackson?

Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted.

The Case:  Man Causes Rain!

The Rest:  OK, to be very fair to Victoria Jackson…I have never liked Victoria Jackson.  My distaste for her has nothing to do with anything she has said or done since leaving Saturday Night Live.  My ex-wife and I used to debate which Saturday Night Live era had the best cast.  She would say the 90s.  I would say the 70s, but I will admit a good deal of comedic talent came out of the 90s.  Victoria Jackson was not one of them.  I always found her kind of annoying.

Still, casting her here as this kinda pathetic woman who has some, let’s say, obnoxious ideas about love and romance doesn’t seem to be a completely terrible idea.  And I can even buy that in this small rural Kansas town that one man who find her to be the object of his deepest desires.  There’s even some good humor to be mined from the small town concept as it means everyone Scully and Mulder encounters seems to assume they are a couple–Scully is always the quickest to deny it–plus a random cow is dropped into Mulder’s hotel room by a tornado.

Besides, the best joke may be when the two agents are mistaken for a married couple that won a contest to tour the local TV station.  When the actual couple shows up, they look just enough like an older Mulder and Scully to make Mulder’s remark that it’s like looking into a mirror kinda amusing since David Duchovny always had a great deadpan delivery style.

Basically, the area has a drought, but one man always seems to bring the rain.  Mulder thinks it’s a crime if this guy is manipulating the weather for a price.  I would love to know what law that is breaking.  I would also like to point out these two aren’t even pretending to hide the fact Mulder is still looking into X-Files sort of material without coming up with an excuse to get past Kersh’s attentions.

However, the rainmaker, who lost a leg in freak hailstorm when the hailstones were heart-shaped, isn’t actually making it rain.  And his ex-fiancee (Jackson), who claims to to be responsible since the weird weather seems to appear around her all the time, also isn’t responsible.  No, the TV weatherman is.  And it isn’t conscious.  His emotional state just causes it, and he’s been hiding his feelings for Jackson’s character for decades, hence the reason weird weather always occurs around big moments in her life.  Can Mulder help this guy find a way to win over Victoria Jackson’s character before he accidentally causes a flashflood to wipe out their high school reunion, Mulder and Scully along for the ride?

By the by, kudos for Scully for pointing out how stupid an idea it is for Mulder of all people to be giving anyone romantic advice.

There are the usual complications, of course.  One-legged guy was actually drunk when he crashed his car, so the weatherman is off the hook for that, much to his relief (he’d been doing the rain to make it up to the guy), and Victoria Jackson’s character (I’m sure she has a name, but I don’t care to look it up) throws herself at Mulder at one point.  No, Mulder did not encourage it.  Scully just looks annoyed.  Never change, Scully.  And everything works out between Jackson’s character and the weatherman, saving the town.  Heck, Jackson’s character’s ex even gets together with his put-upon secretary, the woman who always took care of his fake leg.

So, good for everybody, I guess?

Up next, Skinner gets really sick.