July 13, 2024

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The X-Files “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas”

Mulder and Scully check out a haunted house on Christmas Eve.

Apparently, Lily Tomlin really wanted to be on The X-Files for the longest time before actually getting onto this episode as a murderous ghost.  The series wanted Bob Newhart to be her equally murderous ghost partner, but he declined.  The late Ed Asner didn’t.  And another fun episode was born.

The Case:  Christmas Ghosts!

The Rest:  Alright, so Mulder and Scully both nearly die, but this is still a rather fun episode.  Sure, both Tomlin and Asner seem to want to kill them, but they’re also kinda cuddly as murderous ghosts go.  Mulder wants to check out a supposedly haunted house on the night of Christmas Eve, one where multiple couples all died in what looked like mutual murders.  Scully reluctantly goes along.  And yes, the house does have some things wrong with it, like how the lights are on inside but they aren’t outside.

Oh, and then the agents find a pair of corpses under the floorboards.

Their own.

Eep.  Time to leave.

Oh, every door out leads them back to the same room.  That’s a good way to save money by reusing the same set.  When the two get separated, then doorways are suddenly bricked up, and in wanders this old man  in a hat to see Mulder.  Said old man seems to psychoanalyze Fox pretty well.  Scully meets an old woman in her nightgown.  The ghosts were supposed to be young lovers, so who are these people?

Scully passes out when she sees the old woman has a large hole in her torso while the old man has a hole in his head.  I might complain a bit about Scully’s being so…fragile, but this is a more humorous episode, so I’ll let it slide.  I got to see Mulder walk into multiple brick walls.  That makes up for a lot.

Mulder does, to his credit, roll with the whole “these people are ghosts” thing, but he is the believer of the pair, so when Tomlin starts doing more supernatural stuff, it doesn’t phase him much.  Sure, Asner and Tomlin want Mulder and Scully dead, but they’re trying to keep their haunted house street cred going, and when all is said and done, maybe two lonely people will enjoy Christmas as they should.  Yes, it’s a happy ending where Mulder and Scully both believed they’d been shot at one point but are both, in fact, fine.

And I got to see Mulder walk into brick walls.  Life is good.

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